What does GRACE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GRACE:



Grass Roots Art And Community EffortCommunity
God's Riches At Christ's ExpenseReligion
Grapevine Relief And Community ExchangeCommunity
Gods Riches At Christ ExpenseReligion
Gravity Research And Climate ExperimentNASA
Global Remote Access Control EquipmentNetworking
Growth Resources Action And Community EmpowermentCommunity
Great Refreshing Arty Cheesy EntertainingFilm Censorship
Group Resources And Christian EncouragementReligion
Greatly Reduced Ascii Compatible EncodingGeneral Computing
Golden Rescue And Community ExcellenceCommunity
God Rescued And Chased EndiansReligion
God Reaching Awesome Children EverydayReligion
Grieving Receiving And Accepting Christian EncouragementReligion
Greater Reston Arts Center EducationCommunity
Gods Riches At Christ's ExpenseReligion
Grieving Reverence After Christ's ExampleReligion
Great Runner And Creative ExcellerSports
Grounding Releasing Aligning Conversing And EnjoyingEducational
Great Redemption At Christs ExpenseReligion
Glenbogle Residents and Artisans Care and ExpensesCommunity
Grace Rightly Applied Changes EverythingReligion
Gently Releasing All Conscious ExpectationsUnclassified
Giving Recreation A Christian EmphasisReligion
Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian EnvironmentReligion
Growing Recovering Achieving a College EducationColleges
Goofy Recluses Are Creating EverythingChat
Gods Region Appointed Choice of EarthCountries
Geriatric Resources for Assessment and Care of EldersGeriatric
Glue Research and Academic Computing EnvironmentResearch
Girls aRe Active Confident and EncouragingUnclassified
Give Rejoice And Cherish EveryoneFunnies
Gravity Recovery and Climate ExperimentNASA
Generous Real And Caring ExperienceUnclassified
Giving Relief to Area Children for EnrichmentUnclassified
Giving Respect And Caring EncouragementUnclassified
Giving Restoring Advocating Caring and EngagingUnclassified
Global Regional Anesthesia Curriculum EngagementRegional
Global Registry for Acute Coronary EventsUnclassified
Global Research and Cancer EducationCancer
Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation EducationConservation
Grantham Region Academies Church of EnglandChurches
Grapevine Relief and CommunityCommunity
Growing Recovering and Achieving a College EducationEducational
Global Registry of Acute Coronary EventsMedical
God Reaches All Carrying EvervoneCharity
God’s Righteousness And Corresponding EnablementFunnies

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