What does GREAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand GREAT:



Gang Resistance Education And TrainingLaw & Legal
Groundwater Recovery Enhancement And TreatmentEnvironmental
Graphing Revenues, Expenditures, And TaxesState & Local
Gorda Ridge Eruption Assessment TeamOcean Science
Girls Recognizing Engineering And TechnologyFunnies
Generous, Respectful, Engaged, Accepting, ThoughtfulCommunity
Giving Recognition for Excellence Advocacy and TeamworkGeneral Business
Gratitude, Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Attitude, and TeamworkSports
Government Research and Education Advocacy TrustUS Government
Grundy Rural Expanded Area TransitTransportation
Games, Recreation, Education, And TechnologyEducational
Greet, React, Escort, Anticipate, and ThankUS Government
Gulf Region Educational Advantages For TeachersEducational
Ground breaking, Remembered, Events , Affected and TerrifyingFunnies
Great River Environmental Action TeamEnvironmental
Genomic Regions Enrichment of Annotations ToolHuman Genome
Graduate Research Education and TrainingResearch
General Record of Enforcement Actions TrackedLaw & Legal
Global Research and Analysis TeamIT
Graphical Environment and DesktopIT

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