What does H.S stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand H.S:



High SchoolSchools
High SpeedHardware
Homo SapiensHuman Genome
Holy SpiritReligion
High StandardsOccupation & Positions
Health SafetyPhysiology
High StandardUniversities
Home SearchLaw & Legal
Highest ScoringSports
Home SchooledEducational
Highly SensitiveAmateur Radio
High SensitivityElectronics
Hot SwapMilitary
High SeasMilitary
High StrengthPhysics
Home SafeCommunity
Have SearchedChat
Harmonized SystemInternational Business
Home SickEducational
Head SetHardware
Hispanic StudiesAcademic Degrees
Hard SpherePhysics
Hyper SpeedScience Fiction
Human ShieldMilitary
Hour of SleepUnit Measures
Hors ServiceFrench
Home StationMilitary
House ShowHousing & Amenities
Human SequenceHuman Genome
Heart SoundsPhysiology
Half StrengthPrescription
Hilbert SchmidtMathematics
High SamplingPhysics
Hybrid SeedsBotany
Hamilton StandardSuppliers
Hard ScatteringPhysics
Horizontal StabilizerTransportation
Highly SuggestedUS Government
Horizontal SpaceMathematics
Hard SurfaceConstruction
Heavy StuffNews & Media
Henry StephensFamous & Celebs
Healthy ScratchRacing
High ScanHardware
Hell SatanReligion
Heart StimulantPhysiology
Horribly SlowTexting
Heterogeneous ServicesTelecom
Hidden StatesChemistry
Hollands Spoor railway stationRailroads
CHS Electronics, Inc. (de-listed)NYSE Symbols
Hard SlotHardware
Herding StartedDogs Related
Harmonic SynthesizerElectronics
Horizontal SystemAstronomy
Hidden SniperMilitary
Hardy SpecialFunnies
Hodge StructureMathematics
Horseshoe SymbolPhysics
Hyper StorageHardware
Horizontal SectorNASA
Hours of SleepPhysiology
Hyper ShadowScience Fiction
Literate Haskell source code fileFile Extensions
Head ShotzGaming
Hardcore SociopathLaw & Legal
H and S Railroad Company IncorporatedRailroads
Haiti SurfSports
Horse SecretionsVeterinary
Hellenic SquadronMilitary
Hora Somni (at bedtime)Physiology
Human SingularHuman Genome
Hunsucker SpringGeology
Harry stylesUnclassified
High SchoolsSchools
Hydrogen SulfideUnclassified
Hidradenitis SuppurativaMedical
Handling SpecialeUnclassified
Half StepGaming
Head SAMUnclassified
Hang SnatchUnclassified
Home SchoolSchools
Hulk SmashFunnies
Head StartEducational
Heat ShockUnclassified
House SpecialtyFood & Nutrition
Haloxylon SalicornicumUnclassified
Half SquatUnclassified
Heinrich stadialUnclassified
Human ServicesUnclassified
Hand SwitchUnclassified
Haruka SanadaUnclassified
Head and SectorsUnclassified
Health SciencesHealthcare
Health StatusHealthcare
High SpecificationEducational
High SportSports
Homeostatic stateUnclassified
Hor SomneUnclassified
Hora SomniUnclassified
Hot StuffUnclassified
HS ShortNetworking
HS SportarmsSports
Human SpecificUnclassified
Hyper SpectralUnclassified
Hyperimmune SeraMedical
Hypertension SectionUnclassified
hour sleep or half-strengthPrescription
Habitual SnoringPhysiology
Handling StatementFDA
Hard spheresResearch
Heading SectionAssembly
Health and SafetyHealthcare
Heat ShieldNASA
Heat SinkHardware
Helicopter Antisubmarine (Navy)Military
High StructureFDA
Hip SocietySocieties
Histochemical SocietySocieties
Holy ShiiteFunnies
Home SiteConstruction
Homeland SecurityMilitary
Homing SignalMilitary
Horizon SensorNASA
Horse SalivaVeterinary
Hot SpotPhysics
Housatonic Southern (H and S Railroad)Railroads
Hume SocietySocieties
Hydrographic SocietySocieties

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