What does HALT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HALT:



Highly Accelerated Life TestingAssembly
Help Abolish Legal TyrannyLaw & Legal
Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and TiredCommunity
Harvard Atom Like ToolSoftware
Help Attack Littering and TrashingCommunity
Hurting Angry Lonely And TiredReligion
Hey Albert Let's TarryFunnies
Hang All Lawyers TodayLaw & Legal
Home Alarms Latest TechnologyTechnology
Hope Acceptance Love and ToleranceUnclassified
Highly Accelerated Limit TestingUnclassified
Housing Action for Local TaxpayersHousing & Amenities
Highly Accelerated Lifetime TestingUnclassified
Honestly Actively Lovingly TolerantUnclassified
Hope Assistance Local TradiesUnclassified
Humane Alternatives to Long TermUnclassified
Humans and Animals Learning TogetherAnimals
Hungry Angry Lonely and TiredUnclassified
Hungry Angry Lonely or TiredUnclassified
Hungry Angry Lonely TiredUnclassified
Hypertension and Lipid TrialUnclassified

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