What does HBW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HBW:



Handbook of the Birds of the WorldEnvironmental
Hang Bus and WaitAssembly
Home Based WorkUnclassified
Hot Bridge WireNASA
Helping Build WealthUnclassified
High Bay WarehouseUnclassified
Harold Bell WrightUnclassified
History of Black WritingHistory
Half Banner WhiteUnclassified
Health Beauty WellnessFashion & Beauty
Hawaiian Baby WoodroseUnclassified
Health and Beauty wellnessHealthcare
Home Buyers WarrantyUnclassified
Balingen WeilstettenUnclassified
Half Band WidthMusic
Happy Bokeh WednesdayUnclassified
Hardness Brinell WolframUnclassified
Healthy Beauty and WellnessFashion & Beauty
Horizontal Beam WidthUnclassified
Hundred Beans WeightUnclassified
Hurth Borg WarnerUnclassified
Handbook of the Birds of the World AliveBiology

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