What does HC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HC:



Hard CoreFilm Censorship
Hard CopyNews & Media
Head CoachSports
Holy CrossSchools
High CurrentElectronics
Honoris CausaAcademic Degrees
Header fileFile Extensions
Hard CoverNews & Media
Harris CountyState & Local
High CarbonChemistry
High CompressionCyber & Security
Heavy ChainProducts
Hardware ConfigurationMilitary
Holy CommunionReligion
Head CountTransportation
Hors CommerceNews & Media
Hardin CountyState & Local
Healthy ChoiceFood & Nutrition
High ContrastNews & Media
Half CircleMathematics
Heating and CoolingHousing & Amenities
Highly CommendedOccupation & Positions
Happy CoupleCommunity
Hot and ColdArchitecture
Henry ClayFamous & Celebs
Home ClubToastmasters
Head CircumferencePhysiology
Health CostsGeneral Business
Human Communication classesUniversities
Hill CountryCommunity
Hermitian ConjugateMathematics
Horse CrazyFunnies
Hayden Christensen, actorFamous & Celebs
House ChurchReligion
Help ContentsSoftware
Highlight ColorColors
Headache CurePhysiology
High CouncilScience Fiction
High ComplexityMathematics
High CutProducts
Harish Chandra, mathematicianFamous & Celebs
High ColorProducts
Hurt ComfortPhysiology
Hazardous CargoTransportation
Holding CellPolice
Horn ClauseMathematics
Hors CategorieFrench
Hair CuticlePhysiology
House CopyGeneral Business
Help ChatChat
Hard ChargerOccupation & Positions
Home CurrencyCurrencies
Hors de CommerceInternational Business
Head CommanderMilitary
Handler CompilerSoftware
Hard ConditionPhysics
Hair CompositionPhysiology
Historical ColorColors
Heroic CornerScience Fiction
Homework ClubEducational
Human ControlledProducts
Houston ConcentrateFood & Nutrition
Heat ChamberProducts
Holland ChapterNon-Profit Organizations
Holz ClusterCompanies & Firms
Hover CollegeColleges
Hunter ClanScience Fiction
High CouncilerOccupation & Positions
Hourly CountUnit Measures
House CapitolUS Government
Heteroclinic ConnectionPhysics
Heating ControllerProducts
High ContractionProducts
Home ComputerHardware
Historical ColorsArchitecture
Hameldon CrossAwards & Medals
Hanover Compressor Company Holdings CorporationNYSE Symbols
Hater CountyState & Local
Headphone CouplingElectronics
Hawick Callants clubCompanies & Firms
High ClassFood & Nutrition
Holstein CentralFarming & Agriculture
Horizontal CoefficientMathematics
Hugh CharlesNames and Nicknames
Heckel CrestMusic
Humphrey's ClassesUniversities
Hacking ChumpsFunnies
Holy Crap!Chat
hepatocellularBritish Medicine
Holy CowUnclassified
Hair ColorMedical
High Cube (shipping container)Transportation
Health CareHealthcare
Heavenly ChipUnclassified
handicappedBritish Medicine
High CubeUnclassified
High CourtLaw & Legal
Health CentreBritish Medicine
Highway ContractUnclassified
Horizontal CageUnclassified
Health CanadaCanadian
Highlands ChurchChurches
Hockey CanadaCanadian
Homemade CookiesFood & Nutrition
Happy CityUnions
Healthy ControlsUnclassified
Himbo CrabUnclassified
Hockey ClubHockey
Horny CopUnclassified
Hot CoffeeUnclassified
Healthcare Commission; HCC is generally preferredBritish Medicine
High ClearanceUnclassified
Handicapped ConstructionConstruction
Hazardous CodeUnclassified
Heating coilUnclassified
High ChairUnclassified
High ChromaUnclassified
High CreditUnclassified
Hollow CoreUnclassified
House CatUnclassified
Huxmann CornettCompanies & Firms
Hydraulic CylinderUnclassified
Haematopoietic CellBritish Medicine
haemochromatosisBritish Medicine
Hairy CellBritish Medicine
half yearly closingBanking
Hand ControllerNASA
Hassall’s corpusclesBritish Medicine
Head CashierBanking
Head ConstablePolice
Head ContractorCompanies & Firms
Health CircularBritish Medicine
Healthy ChildrenBritish Medicine
Healthy ControlBritish Medicine
Helper CellBritish Medicine
Hemicrania ContinuaMedical
HemocultBritish Medicine
Heparin CofactorBritish Medicine
hepatitis CBritish Medicine
Heroic ChallengerGaming
Hickman catheterBritish Medicine
Hidden ConclusionNews & Media
High CapacityProducts
histochemistryBritish Medicine
Histoplasma capsulatumBritish Medicine
Historic ChurchesArchitecture
History ChannelTV Stations
Hitachi ChemicalCompanies & Firms
Home ComingUnclassified
homocysteineBritish Medicine
Horizontal Cross-connectTelecom
Hostile CreationNews & Media
Hosting ControllerSoftware
Hosting CreditsInternet
House CallMedical
House of CorrectionsPolice
Humanitarian CoordinatorUnited Nations
Hyaline CastHospitals
Hybrid CaptureBritish Medicine
Hybrid ComputerNASA
hypercalcaemiaBritish Medicine
Historic ColorProducts

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