What does HCV stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HCV:



hepatitis C virusPhysiology
Housing Choice VoucherHousing & Amenities
Heavy Commercial VehiclesTransportation
High Capacity VoiceTelecom
Hue Chroma ValueUnclassified
Highball, Corona, And VodkaFood & Nutrition
Happy Clan of VegetariansFunnies
Hepatitis CUnclassified
hepatitis-C virusLaboratory
Heavy Commercial VehicleTransportation
Helium Check ValveMechanics
Higher Calorific ValueUnclassified
High Conservation ValueConservation
Hsin Chong VerrueUnclassified
Higher Combustion ValueUnclassified
Heating Coil ValveUnclassified
Housing Choice VouchersHousing & Amenities
HACCP Compliance VerificationFood & Nutrition
Highest Channel ValueUnclassified
Hydrogen Check ValveNASA

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