What does HEAL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HEAL:



Health Education Assistance LoansUniversities
Human Education Against LiesEducational
Health Education Aids LiaisonOccupation & Positions
Healthwatch, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Health Educated Asian LeadersHealthcare
Human Earth And Animal LiberationAnimals
History Exam Assessment LayoutPhysiology
Health Emerging Around LakewoodHealthcare
Helping Environmental Actions And LearningEnvironmental
Happily Ever After LeagueUnclassified
Higher Education Academy LinkAcademic & Science
Health Education Assistance LoanEducational
Helping Employees Address LifeGeneral Business
Health Education Action LeadershipEducational
Health Exercise Activity and LifestyleHealthcare
Help to Eat Accept and LiveUnclassified
History and East Asian LanguagesUniversities
Healing Enlightenment Assistance And LoveUnclassified
Healthy Eating Active LivingUnclassified
Healthy Eating and Active LivingUnclassified
Help Educate Anal LiberalsFunnies
Health Education Assets LibraryLibraries
Hire Educate Accept LeprosyUnclassified
Health Eating Active LivingHealthcare
Health Education Action and LeadershipLeadership
Health Education Advocacy LinkageEducational
Health Education AIDS LiasonEducational
Health Education and Awareness in LatinLatin
Health Education And LearningEducational
Health Energy Art LoveArt
Health Environment Agriculture LaborFarming & Agriculture
Health Epidemiology Advanced LearningEducational
Health Equity Action and LeadershipLeadership
Help Educate Advocate ListenUnclassified
Help Endure A LossUnclassified
Helping Emotions Allow ListeningUnclassified
Helping to End Addiction LongUnclassified
Higher Education Administration and LeadershipLeadership
Higher Education Administration LeadershipLeadership
Hope Empathy And LoveUnclassified
Hope Empowerment And LoveUnclassified
Hope Empowerment Art and LeadershipArt
Hope Excel Affirm and LeadUnclassified
Horsepower Equine Assisted LearningEducational
Hospital Educational Advocacy LiaisonsEducational
Housing Education Action and LeadershipLeadership
Housing Equity Advocacy and LeadershipLeadership
Human Ecology Action LeagueEcology
Human Energy Alliance LaboratoriesEnergy
Humanity Environment And LoveUnclassified
Healing Every Autistic LifeNon-Profit Organizations
Health Education Access And LinkEducational

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