What does HEAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HEAT:



High-Explosive Anti-TankMilitary
High Energy Antimatter TelescopeNASA
High Energy Athletic TrainingAthletics
Help End Auto TheftLaw & Legal
Help Eliminate Auto TheftLaw & Legal
Hal's Emerald Advancement TeamUnclassified
Home Energy Assistance TargetHousing & Amenities
Highway Enforcement Of Aggressive TrafficLaw & Legal
Helpdesk Expert Automation ToolUnclassified
Housing Education And TrainingCommunity
High End Audio TheaterTheater
Headquarters Effectiveness Assessment ToolMilitary
Higher Education Advanced TechnologyTechnology
Health Education And TechnologyUniversities
Horse Evacuation Assistance TeamNon-Profit Organizations
Hard Entry And TacticsMilitary
Hybrid Execution And TradingStock Exchange
High Enforcement Of Aggressive TrafficLaw & Legal
Homelessness Education and Action TeamNon-Profit Organizations
History English Art And TechnologyUniversities
Higher Education And Advanced TrainingUniversities
Home Educated Athletic TeamAthletics
Help Eliminate Arson TodayLaw & Legal
High Endurance Anaerobic TrainingUnclassified
Heat Energy Available TodayEnergy
Handling Every Aspect Of TalentNews & Media
Home Educators Around TexomaEducational
Health Education About TobaccoEducational
Highly Effective Athletic TrainingAthletics
Helping Encouraging Accomplishing TogetherUnclassified
Holistic Extreme Athletic TrainingAthletics
Health economic assessment toolHealthcare
High Explosive Anti TankUnclassified
Health Education Agriculture and TechnologyFarming & Agriculture
Higher Education and TrainingEducational
Home Energy Assistance TeamEnergy
House of Energy and TrainingEnergy
Hockey Edge Agility TrainingHockey
Housing Early Application ToolHousing & Amenities
Assiut, EgyptAirport Codes
Hawkeye Elite Athletic TrainingAthletics
Health And Economic Assessment ToolHealthcare
Healthy Eating and Active TimeUnclassified
Hearth Energy And TechnologyEnergy
Heavy Enforcement Assault TeamLaw & Legal
Help Empathize Acknowledge TeamworkUnclassified
Higher Education All TogetherEducational
Honoring Empowering Assisting and TrainingUnclassified
Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action TeamHealthcare
Helicopter External Air TransportMilitary
High Explosive AntitankMilitary
HMMWV Egress Assistance TrainerMilitary

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