What does HI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HI:



Here Is ....Texting
Health InsuranceOccupation & Positions
HindiLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Home ImprovementCommunity
Hand InEducational
Head InTransportation
Health InformationPhysiology
Hearing ImpairedPhysiology
Heat IndexMeteorology
Hostelling InternationalCompanies & Firms
Hanging InChat
High IntensityPhysics
High ImpactPhysics
Hospitality IndustryCompanies & Firms
Human InterfaceGeneral Computing
Hearing ImpairmentEducational
Honesty and IntegrityUS Government
Hospital InsuranceGeneral Computing
High IslandCommunity
Heavy IonPhysics
Home InspectorOccupation & Positions
Household International, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Higher IntelligenceReligion
Health IndexHospitals
Hypoxia IschemiaPhysiology
High IsolationHospitals
Heartbeat InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Herfindahl IndexGeneral Business
Hanging IndentNews & Media
Humor ImpairedChat
Hyperactive ImpulsivePhysiology
Hotspot ImplementationGeology
Humorous IndividualChat
Happiness IndexCommunity
Herding IntermediateDogs Related
Handicap IndexUS Government
Hypnogogic ImageryPerforming Arts
Hayes InternationalSuppliers
Haskell InstituteUniversities
Abap List ViewerSoftware
Harvest InstituteNon-Profit Organizations
Humorous IntentionTexting
High scores (games)File Extensions
Harmful InputHardware
Hydrogen Iodide (Hydriodic Acid)Chemistry
Heat InterceptPhysics
Harassment IdeasLaw & Legal
Homo IconosLatin
Homemaker InteractiveChat
Hotel InfulenzaPhysiology
Higherlife InternationalCompanies & Firms
Health ImprovementHealthcare
Hello IUnclassified
Hydrogen IodineUnclassified
Holiday InnUnclassified
Heavenly and IntimateUnclassified
Height of InstrumentUnclassified
Hazard IndexUnclassified
Head InjuriesUnclassified
Healthy IDEASUnclassified
Hello InUnclassified
Hemagglutination InhibitionUnclassified
HI InteractivityDatabases
HI isUnclassified
High IntermediateUnclassified
Honeywell, Inc.NASA
Host InterfaceUnclassified
Humanistic IntelligenceUnclassified
Haemagglutination InhibitionLaboratory
Head injuryMedical
Hello InternetInternet
Hockey IndiaHockey
Holton Interurban RailwayRailroads
Hot IronAcademic & Science

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