What does HIT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HIT:



Hitachi, LTD.NYSE Symbols
Health Information TechnologyAcademic Degrees
Heparin Induced ThrombocytopeniaPhysiology
High Intensity TrainingMilitary
Human Interface TechnologyHardware
Honour, Integrity, TeamworkGeneral Business
High Impact TrainingMilitary
High In TrialLaboratory
Headache Impact TestPhysiology
Hooker In TrainingOccupation & Positions
Honour Integrity TeamworkUnclassified
Herding Instinct TestVeterinary
Highly Improved TechnologyElectronics
Husband In TrainingOccupation & Positions
Hypergravity Isolation TrainingNASA
Hiker In TrainingHiking
Hookers In TrainingLaw & Legal
Highly Imaginative TechnologyGeneral Computing
Hope In TeensCommunity
Horizon Internet TechnologiesCompanies & Firms
Hibernation Inducing TriggerPhysiology
Herding Instinct TestedDogs Related
Hispanic Initiative TeamCommunity
Huskies In TrainingVeterinary
Holistic Information TechnologyAcademic Degrees
Houston Independent TeamsSports
Heuristic Ideation TechniqueUnclassified
Historically Inaccurate TheaterCommunity
Heritage And Interpretive TourismCommunity
Homeroom Instructional TimeEducational
High Intelligence TeenagerEducational
H L Interface TeamGeneral Business
Hormone Induction TherapyPhysiology
Home Impact TrainingEducational
Harbin Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Heidelberger Ionenstrahl TherapiezentrumUnclassified
Heroes of Incredible TalesUnclassified
Head Impact TestMechanics
Health Information Technology (same as health IT)US Government
Hang In ThereUnclassified
Haldia Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Human Intelligence TaskUnclassified
Hazardous Incident TeamUnclassified
Horizontal Image TranslationUnclassified
Hibernation Inducement TriggerUnclassified
Health Insurance TaxTax
Helping Israeli TouristsCommunity
Holon Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Housing Investment TrustHousing & Amenities
Hosting Israeli TravelersUnclassified
HEIDENHAIN Interactive TrainingUnclassified
Heights Intensity TrainingUnclassified
High Intermediate TrainingUnclassified
Holistic Interval TrainingUnclassified
Honor Integrity TeamworkUnclassified
Harmonised Implementation ToolsUnclassified
Hazard Information TransmissionUnclassified
Healthcare Information TechnologyHealthcare
Healthcare Instructional TechnologyHealthcare
Healthy Integrated TrainingUnclassified
Hibernation induction triggerUnclassified
High Impact TechnologyTechnology
High intensity intervalUnclassified
Hokkaido Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Honour Integrity and TrustUnclassified
Fiera High Income TrustToronto Stock Exchange
Hackers In TouchIT
Hacks In TaiwanIT
Head Impact TimeAutomotive
Head Impulse TestMedical
Health Indicator TestMedical
Henson International TelevisionCompanies & Firms
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia)Medical
Heparin-Induced Thrombocytop├ŽniaPhysiology
High In TroubleEducational
High Intensity TungstenElectronics
High Interest TargetIT
High Italian TechnologyAutomotive
Historic Ice TrophyAutomotive
Hitech Group Australia LtdASX Symbols
Honda Indy TorontoAutomotive
Hongkong International TerminalsTransportation
Hub Information TableIT
Human Intelligence TasksIT
Human Intestinal TractMedical
Hypertext Induced TopicUnclassified

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