What does HMA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HMA:



Health Management Associates, Inc.NYSE Symbols
High Memory AreaGeneral Computing
Helicopter Maritime AttackMilitary
Housatonic Museum Of ArtMuseums
Hillstone Maintenance AssociationCommunity
Husaberg Motor AbUnclassified
City Hovercraft Station, Malmo, SwedenAirport Codes
Hot Mix AsphaltUnclassified
Halal Monitoring AuthorityAuthorities
Happiest Man AliveUnclassified
Hugo Matthew AzariahUnclassified
Hobby Manufacturers AssociationAssociations
Horticultural Marketing AssociatesMarketing
Huntsman Marketing AssociationMarketing
Hardwood Manufacturers AssociationAssociations
High Museum of ArtMuseums
Heads of Medicines AgenciesAgencies
Hidden Marketing AssetsMarketing
Health Management AssociatesManagement
Hagemeister and Mack ArchitectsArchitecture
Hagemeister Mack ArchitectsArchitecture
Hanrahan Meyers ArchitectsArchitecture
Hazard Mitigation AssistanceUnclassified
Healthcare Management AdministratorsHealthcare
Healthcare Management AssociatesHealthcare
Heterogeneous Missions AccessibilityUnclassified
Hide My A**Chat
Hispanic Management AssociationAssociations
Honda Manufacturing of AlabamaManufacturing
Horse Management AreaManagement
Hospitality Marketing AssociatesMarketing
Hot Melt AdhesiveUnclassified
Hot Mixed AsphaltUnclassified
Hotel Management AgreementManagement
Housing Market AnalysisHousing & Amenities
Hull Moving AverageUnclassified
Humanized Monoclonal AntibodyPhysiology
Hair Mineral AnalysisUnclassified
Health Market AnalysisBritish Medicine
Health Matching AccountHealthcare
Health Ministries AssociationBritish Medicine
Heavy Metal AlloyUnclassified
Heteroduplex Mobility AssayBritish Medicine
Hispanic Male AdultLaw & Legal
Humanitarian Mine ActionMilitary
Hypergot Maintenance AreaNASA

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