What does HMM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HMM:



Hidden Markov ModelMathematics
Helicopter Marine MediumMilitary
Procomm Plus Alternate Mail Read option menuFile Extensions
High Mode MultiplesElectronics
Hug Me MoreChat
Hey Marry MeChat
High Molecular MassChemistry
Hot Man MeatUnclassified
Highend Model MasterHobbies
Hardware Maintenance ManualUnclassified
HART Multiplexer MasterUnclassified
Marine Medium Helicopter SquadronMilitary
Hatch Mott MacDonaldCompanies & Firms
Hair Makeup MattersUnclassified
Heroes of Might and MagicUnclassified
Houston Maharashtra MandalUnclassified
Hidden Markov ModelsUnclassified
Hyundai Merchant MarineCompanies & Firms
Human Mechanic MethodUnclassified
Help Move MountainsUnclassified
Hiden Markov ModelUnclassified
Helical Mesoporous MaterialsUnclassified
High Mortgaging MarketMortgage
Healy Malhotra MoUnclassified
Halvorson Model ManagementManagement
Hammond Manufacturing Company LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
Hannah Montana MovieUnclassified
Hanza Marine ManagementManagement
Harry Major MachineUnclassified
Headstones Markers and MedallionsUnclassified
Heavy Metal ManiacsUnclassified
Heterogeneous Memory ManagementManagement
Highway Maintenance ManualUnclassified
Hino Motors ManufacturingManufacturing
Hispaniola Mountain MinistriesUnclassified
Hometown Media MarketingMarketing
Hotel Motel ManagementManagement
Human Metal ModelUnclassified
HYUNDAI MerchantUnclassified

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