What does HMP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HMP:



Music (MIDI)File Extensions
Her Majesty's PrisonLaw & Legal
Horizon Medical Products, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Hot moist packsPhysiology
Health and Medical PublicationsNews & Media
Hooded Man ProductionsUnclassified
Help Me PleaseUnclassified
Human Microbiome ProjectUnclassified
Hunters mixes and promotingHunting
Homeless Meditation PractitionersUnclassified
Hurt Me PlentyUnclassified
Homogeneous Male PopulationUnclassified
Houston Motorsports ParkSports
Hell in Major PrisonsUnclassified
Heavy Missile PlatformMilitary
Half Marathon PaceMarathons
Hazard Mitigation PlanUnclassified
Host Media ProcessingNews & Media
Hyper Media PlayerNews & Media
Haughton Mars ProjectUnclassified
Health Management and PolicyManagement
Heinrich Müller PforzheimUnclassified
Habitat Management PlanManagement
HAtCHEt MEDiA ProductionsUnclassified
Health Media ProfessionalsHealthcare
Healthcare Management PartnersHealthcare
Heavy Metal PushUnclassified
Her Majesties PrisonsUnclassified
Her majesty punchwoodUnclassified
High Modulus PolymerUnclassified
Highest Measurement PerformanceUnclassified
Hold My PistolUnclassified
Host Monitoring ProtocolUnclassified
Hot Moist PackHospitals
Hunter Mentor ProgramUnclassified
Hydromodification Management PlanManagement
Hydrophobically Modified PolymerUnclassified
Heartland Motorsports ParkAutomotive
Heterogeneous Multi ProcessingIT
High Grade Metal ParticleIT
Hino Motors PhilippinesAutomotive
Hot Mix PlantMeteorology
Hurt Me Plenty (Doom)Gaming
Hybrid Multi ProcessingIT
Hydrozene MonoPropeflantNASA
Hyundai Motor PlazaAutomotive
Hyundai Motor PolandAutomotive

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