What does HMS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HMS:



Highly Migratory SpeciesEnvironmental
His Majesty's ShipMilitary
Her Majesty's ShipMilitary
Health Management SystemsCompanies & Firms
Hazard Mitigation SurveyArchitecture
HyperMobility SyndromePhysiology
Hours Minutes SecondsUnit Measures
Heavy Metal SystemNASDAQ Symbols
His Majesty's ServiceGovernmental
Health Management SystemPhysiology
Hartley Melvin SanbornFamous & Celebs
Hours, Minutes, SecondsDatabases
Hour Minute SecondMilitary
Hazardous Materials SafetyTransportation
Home Management ServiceNetworking
Hawk Mountain SanctuaryNon-Profit Organizations
Housing Management SystemCommunity
Home Medical ServiceHospitals
Hitachi Micro SystemsCompanies & Firms
Hennessey Motor SportsCompanies & Firms
Hughes Missile SystemsCompanies & Firms
Heavy Materiel SupplyMilitary
Hanover Middle SchoolSchools
Hotel Management SoftwareSoftware
Harold Marshall SylvesterNames and Nicknames
Hamburg Middle SchoolSchools
Heavy Metal ScrapProducts
Harris Middle SchoolSchools
Hardware Memory ScrubberHardware
Heroically Manned StarshipScience Fiction
Howard Medical ScienceUniversities
William Hubbard Middle SchoolSchools
Here's My ShipMilitary
Her Majesty's ServiceMilitary
Home Missionary ServiceReligion
Heavy melting scrapUnclassified
Hotel Management SystemMiscellaneous
Huawei Mobile ServicesMobile
Hydrologic Modeling SystemHydrology
Her Majesty sUnclassified
Home Multimedia SoftwareNews & Media
Hampton Middle SchoolSchools
Healthcare Management SystemsHealthcare
Homicide at Mitre SquarePolice
Hutto Middle SchoolSchools
He's My SaviorReligion
High-Mast SystemAmateur Radio
Hally Middle School, Detroit, MichiganEducational
Hammarskjold Middle SchoolSchools
Harvard Medical School'sMedical
Hillcrest Middle SchoolSchools
Hybrid Management Sub-layerNetworking
Hamden Middle SchoolSchools
Harding Middle SchoolSchools
Harmony Middle SchoolSchools
Hazard Mapping SystemUnclassified
Hidalgo Medical ServicesMedical
His Majesty sUnclassified
Home Marketing ServicesMarketing
Hunting Melin SonsFunnies
Hahira Middle SchoolSchools
Hamlin Middle SchoolSchools
Hampshire Middle SchoolSchools
Hardin Middle SchoolSchools
Harvest Middle SchoolSchools
Haverford Middle SchoolSchools
Hays Middle SchoolSchools
Healthcare Management SystemHealthcare
Hedge Management SystemManagement
Heritage Middle SchoolSchools
Heroes of Medicine and ScienceMedical
Highland Middle SchoolSchools
Hillside Middle SchoolSchools
Hinsdale Middle SchoolSchools
Hodg Man SUnclassified
Hollowcore Manufacturing SystemManufacturing
Homeowner Management ServicesManagement
Homewood Middle SchoolSchools
Hospitality Management SolutionManagement
Huntington Middle SchoolSchools
Hurricane Middle SchoolSchools
Hydrologic Micro ServicesUnclassified
Ελληνική Μαθηματική ΕταιρείαSocieties
Akhil Bharatiya Hindu MahasabhaPolitics
Ellenike Mathematike EtaireiaSocieties
Hamann MotorsportAutomotive
Hannover Motor ShowAutomotive
Happy Mask SalesmanInternet
Hardware Maintenance and ServiceIT
Hardware Maintenance Reference ManualIT
Hardware Meets SoftwareHardware
Harrison Middle SchoolSchools
Hartsville Middle SchoolSchools
Harvard Medical SchoolUniversities
Hastings Middle SchoolSchools
Hawkins Middle SchoolSchools
Headend Management SystemIT
Headland Management SystemEnvironmental
Headland Middle SchoolSchools
Hedrick Middle SchoolSchools
Hellenic Mathematical SocietySocieties
Helmet Mounted SightMilitary
Helsinki Motor ShowAutomotive
Hendersonville Middle SchoolSchools
Henry Middle SchoolSchools
Her/His Majesty's ShipShipping & Sailing
Herndon Middle SchoolSchools
Hickory Motor SpeedwayAutomotive
High Mass StarAstronomy
High-Magnitude StressorMedical
Highpower Management SystemProducts
Hillsborough Middle SchoolSchools
Hindu Marriage SystemReligion
Hino Motors SalesAutomotive
His/Her Majesty's ShipShipping & Sailing
Historic Motor SportsAutomotive
History Memory SystemNASA
Home Media ServerIT
Homestead Miami SpeedwayAutomotive
Hospital Management SystemMedical
Houston Motorsports ParkAutomotive
Hudson Middle SchoolSchools
Huntingdon Middle SchoolSchools
Hybrid Male SterilityBotany
Hydraulic Module SpeedProducts
HyperMutation SomaticHuman Genome
Hypertension Management SoftwareClinical Medicine
Hyundai Motor SecuritiesAutomotive
Hyundai Motor SingaporeAutomotive
Hyundai MotorsportAutomotive
Hyundai MotorstudioAutomotive
Mens' Organic Hemp Slacks (Hemp Mens' Slacks)Clothing
T. L. Handy Middle SchoolSchools

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