What does HOB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HOB:



House Of BluesCompanies & Firms
House Office BuildingUS Government
House Of BalsaHobbies
Hang On BackSports
Head of bedPhysiology
Heat Of BattleMilitary
Herb O'Brien, surfboard and water ski developerFamous & Celebs
House Of BugsCompanies & Firms
History Of BillsGeneral Business
Hang On the BackTransportation
History Of BaseballBaseball
Lea County Regional Airport, Hobbs, New Mexico USAAirport Codes
Hand Of BuddhaReligion
Harem Of BillFunnies
Hartsel's Only BarCompanies & Firms
Horace O'BryantRacing
Head Of BaseArchitecture
Heart of BordentownUnclassified
Hartsels Only BarUnclassified
House of BishopsUnclassified
History of Order BookHistory
Hour on BenchUnclassified
Hair On BroadwayUnclassified
Head Of BusUnclassified
Head of the BedUnclassified
Heart of BorneoUnclassified
Hierarchical Operational BindingUnclassified
Hike Or BikeUnclassified
Hospice Opportunity BoutiqueUnclassified
House Of BUnclassified
Hugh O BrienUnclassified
Heart of Birmingham (PCT)British Medicine
Height of BurstMilitary
House Of BladesCompanies & Firms
human osteoblastBritish Medicine

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