What does HQ stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HQ:



High QualityHuman Genome
Highest QualityUnclassified
Highly QualifiedUnclassified
Head QuarterUnclassified
Help QuickUnclassified
Health QuotientPhysiology
Heritage QuestCommunity
United Nations Headquarters, New YorkUnited Nations
Hsm QueryGeneral Computing
Holy QuranUnclassified
Head QuartersUnclassified
Hype QuizUnclassified
40-foot containerTransportation
Heart QualityUnclassified
Head QuatersMiscellaneous
Have QuickMilitary
Highland QuancreteUnclassified
Hillsboro QualityUnclassified
Hire QualifiedUnclassified
Hand QuiltingQuilting
Harald QuandtUnclassified
Hazard QuotientsUnclassified
Human QualityUnclassified
Hydro QuebecUnclassified

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