What does HU stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HU:



HungarianLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Harvard UniversityUniversities
Hook UpTelecom
Hounsfield UnitsUnit Measures
Housing UnitHousing & Amenities
Hudson United BancorpNYSE Symbols
Hidden UnitsUnit Measures
Heads UpGeneral Business
Head UnitMilitary
Heat UnitsUnit Measures
Highly UnusualHospitals
Hospital UnitUnit Measures
Halo UndergroundWebsites
Humboldt UniversittUniversities
Hebrew University, IsraelUniversities
High UtilityProducts
Hamburger UniversityUniversities
Hazen UnitsUnit Measures
Harbor UnitPolice
Headset UnitMilitary
Howard UngerleiderFamous & Celebs
Handicaps UnveiledCompanies & Firms
Heart of the UniverseNASA
Howard UniversityUniversities
Hampton UniversityUniversities
Hofstra UniversityUniversities
Huntington UniversityUniversities
Hebrew UniversitySynagogues
Health UnitHospitals
Hounsfield UnitUnclassified
Head UpUnclassified
Health UltimatumHealthcare
Historically UnderservedUnclassified
Home UniversityColleges
HU UniversityUniversities
Hello UniverseMiscellaneous
Husson UniversityFunnies

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