What does IAE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IAE:



Internal And ExternalPhysiology
In Any EventAccounting
International Aero EnginesCompanies & Firms
Integral Absolute ErrorGeneral Computing
Impuesto de Actividades EconómicosSpanish
International Association of EducatorsEducational
Insane Assylum EscapesUnclassified
Ithaca EnergyLondon Stock Exchange
Interior and ExteriorUnclassified
International Art EnglishEnglish
Institute for Applied EcologyEcology
Integrated Award EnvironmentAwards & Medals
Inflatable Antenna ExperimentUnclassified
Institute of Adult EducationEducational
Institute of Applied EnergyInstitutes
Institute of Applied EntrepreneurshipInstitutes
International Academy of EnglishAcademic & Science
Association Internationale des EgyptologuesSocieties
Institute of Spanish ActuariesSocieties
Instituto de Actuarios EspañolesSocieties
International Association of EgyptologistsSocieties
Internationaler Ägyptologen-VerbandSocieties

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