What does ICTD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ICTD:



International Campaign for Tibet Deutschland, e. V.Non-Profit Organizations
Information and Communication Technologies and DevelopmentDevelopment
Information and Communication Technology for DevelopmentTechnology
Information and communication technologies for developmentDevelopment
Information and Communication Technology DepartmentTechnology
Information and Communication Technology DivisionTechnology
Information and Communications Technology and DevelopmentTechnology
Information and Comunication Technology for DevelopmentTechnology
Information Communication Technology for DevelopmentTechnology
Integrated Circuit Temperature DetectorUnclassified
International Center for Training DevelopmentDevelopment
International Centre for Taxation and DevelopmentDevelopment
International Centre for Training and DevelopmentDevelopment
International Clinical Trials DayInternational
Charge Transfer DeviceMilitary
International Centre for Tax and DevelopmentTax

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