What does IDB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IDB:



Inter-American Development BankBanking
Banco Interamericano de DesarrolloSpanish
Islamic Development BankBanking
Industrial Development BondAccounting
Irish Dairy BoardVeterinary
Inter-Dealer BrokerStock Exchange
Illicit Diamond BuyingPolice
Interoperability DataBaseMilitary
IDA DatabaseFile Extensions
I Deserve BetterOccupation & Positions
Internet Douche BagChat
Illustrated Data BankGeneral Computing
Instrument Data BlockProducts
Inter-Dimentional BureauScience Fiction
Increasing-Decreasing BathtubMathematics
In Da ButtUnclassified
Investigational Drug BranchDrugs
Israel Discount BankBanking
International Development BankBanking
Industrial Development BoardDevelopment
Injury Data BaseDatabases
Internet Directory for BotanyInternet
Independence Day BallUnclassified
Institute for Defense and BusinessInstitutes
Interface Descriptor BlockUnclassified
Indigent Defender BoardUnclassified
Internal Drainage BoardUnclassified
International Data BaseDatabases
In Da BoxInternet
In-suit Drink BagNASA
Industrial Death BenefitGovernmental
Industrial Development BankBanking
Integrated DatabaseMilitary
Investigational Drug BrochureDrugs

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