What does IDG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IDG:



International Data GroupCompanies & Firms
International Development GoalsUnited Nations
Industrial Distribution Group, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Internet Discussion GroupChat
Infrastructure Development GroupInternet
Independientes (y Emigrantes) de GaliciaSpanish
Ida Grove, Iowa USAAirport Codes
Indigo Books & Music IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Integrated Drive GeneratorNASA
I Do GoodUnclassified
Industrial Development GroupCompanies & Firms
Interdisciplinary GroupMedical
Illuminating the Druggable GenomeHuman Genome
Installation Design GuideUnclassified
Innovative Dining GroupUnclassified
Instrument Development GroupDevelopment
Intellectual Discourse GroupUniversities
International Development GroupDevelopment
Industrial Distribution GroupUnclassified
Industrie du GothiqueUnclassified
Image Display GroupUnclassified
Indemnit De GestionUnclassified
Independent Drivers GuildDrivers
Infectious Disease GroupDiseases
Inspirational Development GroupDevelopment
Institute of Developmental GeneticsInstitutes
Institutional Development GrantDevelopment
Intermediate Dose GroupUnclassified
International Deployment GroupInternational
International Design GroupInternational
Ironstone Developer GroupUnclassified
I-designLondon Stock Exchange
International Dangerous GoodsAircraft & Aviation

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