What does IDM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IDM:



Identity ManagementCyber & Security
Intelligent Dance MusicMusic
Integrated Document ManagementUS Government
Immuno- Designed MoleculesHuman Genome
Inditherm, P. L. C.Companies & Firms
Injector Driver ModuleTransportation
Improved Data ModemMilitary
Intelligent Device ManagementNetworking
It Doesn't MatterTexting
It Don't MatterChat
Industrial Distribution ManagementGeneral Business
Integrated Direct MeteringNews & Media
Intelligent Data MapperSoftware
Interactive Digital MarketingGeneral Business
Intelligent Death MetalUnclassified
Intelligent Distribution ManagementGeneral Business
Interesting Dance MusicMusic
Ignorant Dance MusicFunnies
Interim Data ModemTelecom
Internet Dating MachineFunnies
Imagen y DiseƱo MultimediaNews & Media
Intelligent Drum MusicMusic
International Dork MusicMusic
Infant Diaper MusicFunnies
Indescribably Dull MaterialUnclassified
Intelligent Dolphin MachineUnclassified
I Don't MindChat
Integrated Development ManagementDevelopment
Integrated Device ManufacturerUnclassified
Inconceivably Dull MeanderingsUnclassified
I Dare MyselfUnclassified
Inhibits Dancing MusicMusic
Intended Drum ManipulationUnclassified
Ian and Don McLeodUnclassified
Ideal Data MemoryUnclassified
Ignition Diagnostic MonitorUnclassified
Illustrative Descriptive MaterialUnclassified
independent Data ManagementManagement
Individual Deprivation MeasureUnclassified
INDS Data ManagerUnclassified
Infant of Diabetic MotherMedical
Inner Dimension MediaUnclassified
Innovation Development and MarketingDevelopment
Innovation Development MarketingDevelopment
Innovation Driven MarketingMarketing
Inquiry Design ModelUnclassified
Inspection Development MonitoringDevelopment
Institute for Democracy and MediationInstitutes
Institute for Disease ModelingDiseases
Institute of Direct MarketingMarketing
Integrated Design ManagementManagement
intelligent Document ManagementManagement
Inter Domain MessagingUnclassified
Interactive Design and MarketingMarketing
International Dialogue on MigrationInternational
IndithermLondon Stock Exchange
Industrial Minerals Corporation LtdASX Symbols
Information Dissemination ManagementMilitary
Informational Disclosure ManualFDA
Integrated Disease ManagementMedical
Internet Download ManagerSoftware

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