What does IDSA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IDSA:



Infectious Diseases Society of AmericaVeterinary
Interactive Digital Software AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Industrial Design Society Of AmericaNon-Profit Organizations
Indian Defence Studies AnalysisMilitary
Industrial Service of AmericaNASDAQ Symbols
India Direct Selling AssociationProfessional Organizations
Indian Direct Selling AssociationAssociations
Infectious Disease Society of AmericaProfessional Organizations
Institute for Defence Studies and AnalysesInstitutes
Indian Direct Sellers AssociationAssociations
International Distance Skateboard AssociationInternational
I Designed Something AwfulChat
Interior Design Student AssociationAssociations
Illinois Directors of Student ActivitiesStudents
Industrial Data Space AssociationAssociations
Industry Design Standards and AssessmentsUnclassified
Institute for Defense Studies and AnalysesInstitutes
Institute for Democracy in South AfricaAfrican
Intend Driven Scenario AuthoringUnclassified
Interior Design Student AllianceAlliances
International Dance Sport AssociationAssociations
International Data Spaces AssociationInternational
International Diplomatic Student AssociationInternational
International Distance Skateboarding AssociationInternational
International Diving Schools AssociationDiving
Irish Deaf Sports AssociationIrish
Industrial Designers Society of AmericaProfessional Organizations
International Dark-Sky AssociationInternational

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