What does IGC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IGC:



Inter-Governmental ConferenceGovernmental
International Geological CongressGeology
Institute for Global CommunicationsUniversities
Inter-Governmental ConsultationUS Government
Interstate General, L. P.AMEX Symbols
International Gymnastic CampGymnastics
International General CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
I get cheeksUnclassified
International Grains CouncilCouncil
International Gliding CommissionCommissions
Imperial Gold CrownCompanies & Firms
International Gloving CompetitionInternational
IdenTrust Global CommonUnclassified
India Globalization CapitalUnclassified
Indiana Gaming CommissionGaming
Indie Game CollectionUnclassified
Inert Gas CompactionUnclassified
Informative Graphics CorpCompanies & Firms
Institute for Global CitizenshipInstitutes
Institute for Gravitation and the CosmosInstitutes
Integrated Greek CouncilCouncil
International Genomics ConsortiumHuman Genome
International Gloving ChampionshipUnclassified
International Golf CorporationGolf
International Growth CentreUnclassified
International Gymnastics CampGymnastics
Internet Gaming CouncilCouncil
Inverse Gas ChromatographyUnclassified
Islamic Guidance CenterUnclassified
Ismir Genre ContestUnclassified
Income Generation CapabilityOccupation & Positions
India Capital Growth fund, LTD.London Stock Exchange

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