What does IHT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IHT:



InnSuites Hospitality TrustAMEX Symbols
Ideal Handler TimeElectronics
In House TourneySports
Industrial Heat TransferUnclassified
InnSuites Hospitality Trust'sHospitals
In Home TherapyTherapy
Institution of Highways TransportationTransportation
Instant Home TheaterTheater
I Henhold TilUnclassified
I House TokenUnclassified
Idaho Hydro TechUnclassified
Incident Handling TeamUnclassified
Inheritance TaxTax
Institute of the Himalayan TraditionInstitutes
Integrated Healing TechnologiesTechnology
Integrated Healthcare TransformationHealthcare
Integrity Honesty and TransparencyUnclassified
Integrity Honesty and TrustUnclassified
Integrity Honor and TrustUnclassified
Interactive Health TechnologiesHealthcare
Interactive Heat TransferUnclassified
Intermediate Heat TreatmentUnclassified
International Hot TubsUnclassified
Internittent Hypoxic TrainingUnclassified
Interval Hypoxic TrainingUnclassified
Ipsilateral Head TurningUnclassified
Island Heritage TrustUnclassified
Island Housing TrustHousing & Amenities
Iterative Hard ThresholdingUnclassified
I Hate ThatChat
I Hate ThisChat
Institution of Highways & TransportationSocieties
Intermittent Hypoxic TrainingUnclassified
International Health TechnologiesHealthcare
International Herald TribuneUnclassified
The Iron Hill TradersUnclassified

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