What does II stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand II:



Ii IiiUnclassified
Intelligent InfrastructureGeneral Computing
Interactive InterfaceGeneral Computing
Imagery InterpretationMilitary
Initiation IntervalUnclassified
The Implicit InvocationUnclassified
Roman Number 2Mathematics
Ion Implant (also seen as I2)Electronics
Inanimate InsanityMiscellaneous
Interchangeable ItemManufacturing
Inspir IiUnclassified
IBC AirwaysUnclassified
In InternetInternet
Item IdentificationUnclassified
iPad iLoungeUnclassified
Interaction IdentifierUnclassified
I and IVUnclassified
Input InterpretationTechnology
Intersystems, Inc., of DelawareAMEX Symbols
Preprocessed C++ source code (gcc)File Extensions
Institutional InvestorInvestments
In iTunesComputing
iPath Optimized Currency Carry Exchange Traded NotesToronto Stock Exchange
I indicatesUnclassified
Iii isUnclassified
Institutions in IndiaInstitutes
Interactive ImplementationUnclassified
It IsUnclassified
Send Medical SuppliesInternational
In ItsUnclassified
Image InstructionUnclassified
Infantry ImprovementUnclassified
Is IntendedUnclassified
Illegal ImmigrantImmigration
Industrial InjuryGovernmental

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