What does IMEA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IMEA:



Illinois Music Educators AssociationEducational
India, Middle East and AfricaRegional
India Middle East and AfricaAfrican
India Manufacturing Excellence AwardsManufacturing
Illinois Municipal Electric AgencyCivic & Municipal
Innovation in Music and Entertainment AwardsMusic
International Marine Electronics AllianceElectronics
Idaho Music Educators AssociationMusic
Indiana Music Education AssociationMusic
Illinois Music Education AssociationMusic
Indiana Municipal Electric AssociationCivic & Municipal
Independent Medical Examination AssociationAssociations
Integrated Munitions Effectiveness AnalysisUnclassified
India Mid East and AfricaAfrican
India the Middle East and AfricaAfrican
Iowa Music Educators AssociationEducational
India Middle East AndUnclassified
Indian Ministry of External AffairsGovernmental
Interim Measures Extension AgreementUnclassified
International Music and Entertainment AssociationMusic

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