What does IRA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IRA:



Individual retirement accountAccounting
Irish Republican ArmyMilitary
Individual Retirement AccountsUnclassified
International Reading AssociationEducational
Individual Retirement ArrangementOccupation & Positions
Iranian (Other)Language Codes (3 Letters)
Individual Retirement AnnuityUnclassified
I Ran AwayChat
Individual Residential AlternativeCommunity
Instituto de Reforma AgrariaSpanish
Instituto de Relaciones AgrariasSpanish
Kirakira, Solomon IslandsAirport Codes
Irish Republican ActivistOccupation & Positions
Institutional Reinvestment AccountStock Exchange
Informatik Rechner AbteilungCompanies & Firms
Irish Revolution AssistanceState & Local
Integrated Resource AssessmentGeneral Business
Investor Retirement AccountStock Exchange
Increased Retirement AdvantagesOccupation & Positions
Impossible To Readily ApprehendFunnies
Irish Rifle AssociationProfessional Organizations
International Roaming AgreementUnclassified
I Ran-over your AuntHobbies
Indian Relief AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Irish Racing AssociationRacing
I Rock AuldFunnies
Individual Retirement ArrangementsUnclassified
I Renounce ArmsUnclassified
Image Repetition AssociationProfessional Organizations
Investment Return AnalysisAccounting
Import Risk AnalysisUnclassified
individual retirementUnclassified
Intercollegiate Rowing AssociationAssociations
Interim Revision AnnouncementsUnclassified
Internal Revenue AllotmentUnclassified
Interstate Racing AssociationRacing
Irish Repuplican ArmyMilitary
Immediate Response AuthorityFDA
Industrial Relation ActGovernmental
Insured Retirement AccountAccounting
International Rifle AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Internet Research AgencyTwitter
Provisional Irish Republican ArmyMilitary

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