What does IRD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IRD:



Inland Revenue DepartmentInternational Business
Integrated Receiver/DecoderHardware
Image Replacement DocumentUnclassified
Internet Registratie DienstInternet
Information Resource DictionaryLibraries
International Radiation DetectorOcean Science
International Reunion DayDays Abbreviations
Information Requirements DocumentNASA
Intergrated Receiver DecoderUnclassified
Ishurdi, BangladeshAirport Codes
Institut de Recherche pour le DeveloppementOcean Science
Integer Real and DoubleAssembly
Internet Registry DaemonInternet
Independent Review of DispensingVeterinary
Independent Record DistributingCompanies & Firms
International Recognition DayDays Abbreviations
In the Ring DonorHospitals
Initial Rapid DeploymentPolice
International Road DynamicsUnclassified
Income in Respect to DecedentAccounting
Influenza Research DatabaseResearch
Inland Revenue DivisionUnclassified
Indian Resource DevelopmentDevelopment
Interloc Racing DesignRacing
International Relief and DevelopmentDevelopment
Interest Rate DifferentialUnclassified
Interest Rate DerivativesUnclassified
Interactive Research and DevelopmentResearch
Idol Rights DefendersUnclassified
Implementation Row DescriptorUnclassified
Institute on Religion and DemocracyInstitutes
Integrated Receiver DecoderUnclassified
Integrated Research and DevelopmentDevelopment
Intelligent Ride DynamicsUnclassified
Interest Rent DepreciationUnclassified
Intermediate Reduction DriveUnclassified
Internal Revenue DepartmentUnclassified
Investigations and Resolutions DivisionUnclassified
Ionizing Radiation DivisionUnclassified
Iso Rebuild DataUnclassified
itial Referral DiscussionUnclassified
Itial Requirements DocumentUnclassified
Ice Rafted DebrisOcean Science
Infantile Refsum diseaseMedical
Infrared Rotary DrierProducts
Initiating Reference DocumentNASA
International Recognition DaysUnclassified
International Road Dynamics, Inc.Toronto Stock Exchange
Intstrument Recalibration DateUnit Measures
Iron Road, LTD.ASX Symbols

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