What does IRIS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IRIS:



Integrated Risk Information SystemGeneral Business
Incorporated Research Institutions for SeismologyGeology
Illinois Researcher Information ServiceUniversities
Image Recognition Integrated SystemsSoftware
Iraq Resource Information SiteUS Government
Intelligent Room Illumination SensorProducts
International Reactor Innovative and SecurePhysics
Instruction Research and Information ServicesUniversities
Information Regarding Israel SecurityMilitary
Integrated Resource Information SystemSoftware
Integrated Regional Information SystemUS Government
Integrated Raster Imaging SystemGeneral Computing
International Renal Interest SocietyVeterinary
Integrated Road Information SystemTransportation
Intelligent Rotation In SpaceNASA
Imaging of Radicals Interacting with SurfacesElectronics
Internal Revenue Information ServicesUS Government
Instructional Resource Information SystemEducational
Interethnic Relations In SisterhoodCommunity
Internet Rapid Installer for SoftwareSoftware
Inland Region Iris SocietyBotany
Image Retrieval Identification SystemSoftware
Institute for Robotics and Intelligence SystemsUniversities
Individual Requirements Intelligent SolutionsGeneral Business
Inland Revenue Information SystemGovernmental
Image Recall Image StorageGeneral Computing
Integrated Repair Information SystemMilitary
Industry Resource Internet SupervisionProducts
Interactive Rendering and Image SegmentationSoftware
Integrated Routing and Intelligent SwitchingNetworking
Incident Resolution Information SystemCyber & Security
International Recruitment Investigations in the SubarcticOcean Science
Bitmap graphics (Silicon Graphics RGB image file)File Extensions
Intelligent Recruiting Information SystemMilitary
Innovative, Resourceful, Inspired, and StrategicGeneral Business
Integrated Representative Information SystemUS Government
Internet Research Information ServicesUniversities
Inter-Religiousraat In SurinameReligion
Innovative Rheological Interactive SoftwareSoftware
Ivanhoe Reading Intervention SchemeEducational
I Require Intensive SurveillanceUnclassified
Include Respect I SelfUnclassified
Institutional Research Information ServiceUnclassified
International Railways Industry StandardInternational
Integrated Registration Information SystemGovernmental
Immigration Reception and Information ServicesImmigration
Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory SyndromePhysiology
Integrated Radiation Information SystemPhysics
Individuals Respecting Identities and SexualitiesUnclassified
Ideas Responsibility Initiative And ServiceGeneral Business
Immunization Registry Information SystemUnclassified
International Retail Information SystemInternational Business
I Recycle In ShermanCommunity
ICA Recording ICA SurveillanceUnclassified
Illinois Research Information ServiceUnclassified
Immediate Response Information SystemUnclassified
Increasing Retention and Inclusion in STEMUnclassified
Indentification and Referral to Improve SafetyUnclassified
Inquiry Routing and Information SystemUnclassified
Institutional Research Information SolutionResearch
Integrated Refugee and Immigrant ServicesImmigration
Intelligent Retinal Imaging SystemsPhotography & Imaging
Intelligent Roadway Information SystemUnclassified
Intensified RAM Intelligent ServerUnclassified
Interface Region Imaging SpectrographPhotography & Imaging
Intermodal Routing Information SystemUnclassified
Intern and Resident Information SystemHospitals
International Railway Industry StandardUnclassified
Intratissue Refractive Index ShapingUnclassified
It Really Is SimpleUnclassified
Integrated Romanian Information SystemGeneral Computing
Internal Rotary Inspection SystemPhysics
International Regulatory Issues StaffFDA
Italian Research Interim StageNASA
Ideas, Responsibility, Initiative, ServiceGeneral Business
Industrial Research Institute SwinburneCompanies & Firms
Infrastructure for Resilient Internet SystemsNetworking
Insurance Regulatory Information SystemSoftware
International Repair Information SystemProducts

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