What does ISL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ISL:



IcelandicLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Information Systems LaboratoryUniversities
Initial System LoadGeneral Computing
First Israel Fund, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Irvine Swim LeagueSwimming
Inverse Square LawUnclassified
Inter Switch LinkNetworking
Inuit Sign LanguageEducational
InterScapular LinePhysiology
In Sim LifeFunnies
Icehockey Super LeagueHockey
Internet Services LayerInternet
Isabel Pass Airport, Isabel Pass, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Individual Stop-loss LimitStock Exchange
Initial Secondary LoaderUnclassified
Innovation Service LoyaltyGeneral Business
Interpolated Standard LevelUnclassified
Indian Super LeagueUnclassified
Investigating Student LearningStudents
Indian SuperUnclassified
Inertial Systems LaboratoryNASA
Indiana Soccer LeagueSoccer
Indigo Shader LanguageLanguage & Literature
Illinois Simulator LaboratoryLaboratory
Independent School LeagueSchools
International Sparring LeagueSports
Itchen Stationers LtdCompanies & Firms
IDV Scripting LanguageLanguage & Literature
In Situ LeachUnclassified
In situ leachingUnclassified
Information Systems LaboratoriesLaboratory
Institute of Salt LakesInstitutes
Instituts für SeeverkehrswirtschaftGerman
International Service LearningEducational
Integer Set LibraryLibraries
Intelligent Single LacerUnclassified
International Student LifeStudents
itial System LoadUnclassified
Indiana State LibraryLibraries
Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft und LogistikGerman
Intelligent Systems LaboratoryLaboratory
Intermediate Stoppage ListUnclassified
International School Of LouisianaSchools
International Society of LymphologySocieties
International Standard for LaboratoriesInternational
International Symposium on LogisticsLogistics
Introduction to Statistical LearningEducational
Iowa Soccer LeagueSoccer
itial Secondary LoaderUnclassified
I S SolutionsLondon Stock Exchange
Inner Self LostMusic
International Sign LanguageCommunity
ISLASX Symbols
Islamic State in LanaoMilitary
Island LineTransportation

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