What does ISPP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ISPP:



International Sewage Pollution PreventionEnvironmental
International Society of Political PsychologyPsychology
Illinois State Physics ProjectPhysics
In situ propellant productionUnclassified
Individualized Supervised Practice PathwayUnclassified
Individualized Supervised Practice PathwaysUnclassified
Individualized Supervised Practice ProgramUnclassified
Innovation Society and Public PolicySocieties
International Society for Plant PathologySocieties
International Society for Psychoanalysis and PhilosophySocieties
International Society of Plant PathologySocieties
International Society of Proprioception and PostureSocieties
International Society of Psychoanalysis and PhilosophyInternational
International Study of the Preparation of PrincipalsInternational
International Symposium on Pediatric PainInternational
International Symposium on Phototrophic ProkaryotesInternational
International Symposium on Plant PhotobiologyBiology
Irish Sea Portal PilotIrish
International School of Phnom PenhSchools

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