What does ISR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ISR:



Intelligence, Surveillance, and ReconnaissanceMilitary
Impuesto Sobre la RentaMexican
Interrupt Service RoutineAssembly
Initial State RadiationPhysics
Information Storage and RetrievalGeneral Computing
Installation Status ReportMilitary
Intermediate Session RoutingGeneral Computing
Integrated Switch RouterNetworking
Interrupt Segment RegisterAssembly
Institute for Sensory ResearchUniversities
Individual Soldier RadioMilitary
Interrupt Space RegisterAssembly
Iowa Southern Railroad CompanyRailroads
In-Situ RinseElectronics
Incremental Software ReleaseSoftware
Illegal Street RacerLaw & Legal
Illegal Street RacingLaw & Legal
Ice Sheet ReconstructionMeteorology
Invoice Summary RegisterGeneral Business
Intercept Stabilize And ResolveUnclassified
Inside Sales RepresentativeOccupation & Positions
Institute for Software ResearchSoftware
In Situ RecoveryUnclassified
Institute for Systems ResearchInstitutes
itial State RadiationUnclassified
Independent Sales RepresentativeUnclassified
Information Skills ResourceLibraries
Institute for Social ResearchInstitutes
Institute for Survey ResearchInstitutes
Integrity Service ResultsUnclassified
Interdepartmental Service RequestUnclassified
Infant Swimming Resource'sSwimming
Information Systems ResearchResearch
International Socialist ReviewPolitics
Invasive Surgery RemixSurgical
Intelligence Surveillance and ReconnaissanceUnclassified
Infant Swimming ResourceSwimming
Integrally Suppressed RifleUnclassified
Ice Speed RecordUnclassified
In School RestrictionSchools
In Stent RestenosisUnclassified
Indirect Source ReviewUnclassified
Induced Systemic ResistanceUnclassified
Industry Standard ResearchResearch
Institute for Scientific ResearchInstitutes
Institute for Scripture ResearchResearch
Institutetute for Social ResearchUnclassified
Integrated Services RoutersUnclassified
Integrated Surveillance ResourseAircraft & Aviation
Intelligence and Space ResearchResearch
Intelligence Surveillance ReconnaissanceUnclassified
Intelligence Surviellance and ReconnaissanceUnclassified
International Schools ReviewInternational
International Services RepairInternational
International Snowmobile RacingRacing
International Society of RadiologySocieties
Interrupt In Service RegisterUnclassified
Interrupt Service RegisterUnclassified
Intersecting Storage RingsUnclassified
Inventory Sales RatioUnclassified
Self RescueUnclassified
Individual Safety ReportFDA
Individual Support And RetentionUnclassified
Individualised Student RecordStudents
Initial System ReleaseNASA
Integrated Services Router (Cisco)Networking
Intermediate Segregation RegimeCyber & Security
International Sovereign Energy CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
International Sports RelationsSports
Internet Service RouterHardware
Inventory Stock RecordsManufacturing
Iowa Southern RailroadRailroads
The Indexing Service ReferenceUnclassified

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