What does ISS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ISS:



International Space StationNASA
Internet Security SystemCyber & Security
Injury Severity ScorePhysiology
Institute of Social StudiesUniversities
In School SuspensionEducational
International Superstar SoccerSoccer
Information Systems SecurityMilitary
Input to State StabilityPhysics
Institutional Shareholder ServicesInvestments
Information Systems and ServicesCompanies & Firms
Instrument Sales and ServiceMarketing
Internet Security ServiceInternet
Industry Strategy SymposiumConferences
Integrated Sounding SystemOcean Science
Initial Send SequenceNetworking
Inspection Selection SystemMilitary
Instructional Support StaffUniversities
Impotent Sea SnakesFunnies
Identical Screening SearchUnclassified
Intelligence Systems SecretariatUS Government
Interactive Session SupportUnclassified
International Students ServiceUniversities
Interactive Survivability SimulationMilitary
Incremental Spatial SearchUnclassified
Internet Server SupplementNetworking
Integrated Systems SupportMilitary
Immigrant Social ServicesUS Government
Instructional Sports SkillsSkiing
Instant Space StationFunnies
Indiana Science StandardsEducational
Inclination Sensor SystemOcean Science
Ion Scattering SpectrometryElectronics
Institute of Silly StringsFunnies
Indices Search SlipFBI Files
A Industrial Social SciencesAcademic & Science
Integrated Support ServiceMarketing
International Social ServiceSociology
Italian Spaghetti SauceFood & Nutrition
Iranian Statistical SocietyProfessional Organizations
Imperial Star ShipScience Fiction
Imposition of Sentence SuspendedLaw & Legal
Integrated Surveillance SystemAircraft & Aviation
International Space Station isUnclassified
Iron and Steel SocietySocieties
Information Systems ServicesUnclassified
Institute for Security StudiesInstitutes
International Students and ScholarsStudents
Improving Soccer SportsmanshipSoccer
Industry Standard ServerHardware
Information Security StandardCyber & Security
Integrative Studies in Social SciencesUniversities
Intelligent Software SolutionsSoftware
International Sabre SymposiumConferences
Independent Studio ServicesUnclassified
Integrated Sealing SystemManufacturing
International Student ServicesStudents
Iredell Statesville SchoolsSchools
Idea Star SingerUnclassified
Imprinted Sportswear ShowsUnclassified
Indestructible Space SpermUnclassified
Industrial Security SystemUnclassified
Information Support SystemUnclassified
Institute for Standardization of SerbiaInstitutes
Institute of security studiesCyber & Security
Instructional Support ServicesUnclassified
Integrated Sealing SystemsUnclassified
Integrated Seaming SystemUnclassified
Integrative Studies in SocialUnclassified
Interactive Surfaces and SpacesUnclassified
Internal Security ServiceCyber & Security
International Seating SymposiumInternational
International Security StandardsInternational
International Society of SurgeryInternational
International Superyacht SocietyInternational
Internet Security SystemsInternet
Irradiation Side SamplingUnclassified
انجمن آمار ايرانSocieties
I Said SoChat
I Should SleepMiscellaneous
Important Slam ShooterGeneral Business
Imprinted Sportswear ShowConferences
In Service SupportManagement
In-School SuspensionSchools
In-System SelectMilitary
Inertial Sub-SystemNASA
Inertial Surveying SystemAcademic & Science
Infantile Seizure SocietyProfessional Organizations
Inhibit Symmetrical SwappingAssembly
Inhibit/override Summary SnapshotNASA
Inpatient Services SpecialistHospitals
Inside Skin SurfaceManufacturing
Installation Support ServicesNASA
Instruction Summary SheetNASA
Integrated Summary of SafetyFDA
Integrated Support StandNASA
Integrated System SchematicNASA
Intelligent Security SystemsCompanies & Firms
Internal Stupidity SocietyFunnies
International Schools ServicesAcademic & Science
International Switching SymposiumConferences
Introduction to Social SciencesUniversities
IRIS (Italian Research Interim Stage) Spinning StageNASA
Iron & Steel SocietyProfessional Organizations
ISS Group, LTD.ASX Symbols

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