What does ISSA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ISSA:



International Securities Services AssociationProfessional Organizations
Information Systems Security AssociationCyber & Security
International Ship Suppliers AssociationCompanies & Firms
International Sanitary Supply AssociationProfessional Organizations
International Sports Sciences AssociationProfessional Organizations
International Sports Science AssociationSports
Individual Service And Support AdvocacyCommunity
Information Security for South AfricaCyber & Security
Inter-Service Support AgreementMilitary
Interoperable Signed Sender AddressNetworking
Instant Satisfaction Simply AssuredUnclassified
International Social Security AssociationAssociations
Intelligence Specialist Seaman ApprenticeNavy
Iternational Scale Soaring AsscUnclassified
International Space Station AlphaInternational
International Slurry Surfacing AssociationProfessional Organizations
International Studies Schools AssociationProfessional Organizations
Islamic Society of Seacoast AreaSocieties
Inter Scholastic Sailing AssociationProfessional Organizations
Islamic Society of the Seacoast AreaSocieties
Information Systems Schools of AfricaSchools
International Sociology of Sport AssociationAssociations
IATA Standard Safety AssessmentUnclassified
Illinois Search Staffing AssociationAssociations
Illinois State Science AssessmentAcademic & Science
Industrial Security Staff ApprovalUnclassified
Information Science Student AssociationAssociations
Information System Security AssociationCyber & Security
Information Systems Support ActivityUnclassified
Integrated Software Safety AnalysisSoftware
Inter Service Support AgreementUnclassified
International Sailing School AssociationInternational
International Slalom Skateboarding AssociationInternational
International Society for the Study of ArgumentationInternational
International Song Singer AssociationInternational
International Students and Scholars AssociationInternational
Internet Systems Security AssociationInternet
Islamic State in Sunni AmericaReligion
Information System Security AwarenessComputing

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