What does ISSP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ISSP:



Intensive Supervision and Surveillance ProgrammePolice
Interim Interswitch Signaling ProtocolTelecom
Incoming Secondary Sorting ProgramUSPS
Inner Solar System PolicePolice
Instructional Support Services ProgramUnclassified
Individualized Service and Support PlansUnclassified
Independent Study and Seminar ProgramUnclassified
International Society of SustainabilitySocieties
In System Serial ProgrammingSoftware
Interactive Spatial Sound ProcessingUnclassified
International Society of Sustainability ProfessionalsSocieties
Institute for Solid State PhysicsPhysics
International Student Services And ProgramsStudents
Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la PopulationAcademic & Science
Indigenous Studies Summer ProgramUnclassified
Information Systems Security ProfessionalUnclassified
Initiative for Science Society and PolicyAcademic & Science
Institute for Science Society and PolicyInstitutes
Institutional Support and Strengthening ProgramUnclassified
Institutional Support Strengthening ProgramUnclassified
Integrated Support Services ProjectUnclassified
Inter Solar System PolicePolice
International Security Studies ProgramUnclassified
International Society for Sports PsychiatryInternational
International Special Student ProgramInternational
Indian Society For Support Of PainHospitals
Indian Studies Support ProgramUnclassified
Indonesia Scholarship Support ProjectUnclassified
Industrial Student Support ProgramStudents
Information Society Service ProvidersSocieties
Instant Silicon Solution PlatformUnclassified
Institute for Science, Society and PolicyInstitutes
Institute Of Solid State PhysicsPhysics
Integrated Single Specialty ProviderUnclassified
Integrated Social Sciences ProgramAcademic & Science
Integrated Soldier System ProjectUnclassified
Intellilight Shared Single PathUnclassified
Inter Solar System PolUnclassified
Inter-Solar System PoliceScience Fiction
Interfaith Satellite Shelter ProgramUnclassified
Intermediary Services Support ProjectUnclassified
International School System PeshawarSchools
International Social Studies ProjectUnclassified
International Social Survey ProgramUnclassified
International Social Survey ProgrammeInternational
International Society Of Sport PsychologyPsychology
International Student And Scholar ProgramsStudents

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