What does ITL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ITL:



Italian LiraCurrencies
Interested Transaction ListAccounting
Interchange Tag LanguageSoftware
Islamic Tools LibraryLibraries
Imation Tape LibrarySoftware
Innovation Technology LicensingTechnology
Interpreted Test LanguageLanguage & Literature
Information Technology LaboratoryGeneral Computing
In The LayerUnclassified
International Towing LimitedOcean Science
Identity Trust ListUnclassified
Imaging Technology LaboratoryTechnology
Indian Trading LeagueUnclassified
inGenious Targeting LaboratoryLaboratory
Innovating Technologies for LifeUnclassified
Institute for Teaching and LearningInstitutes
Instructional Technology LabTechnology
Integrated Technologies LtdCompanies & Firms
International Transaction LogUnclassified
International Transload LogisticsLogistics
Intertown Twilight LeagueUnclassified
Invitation To ListenUnclassified
Ispravitelno Trudovoi LagerUnclassified
Iterative Template LibraryLibraries
In The LightUnclassified
Independent Testing LaboratoriesCompanies & Firms
Inexpedient To LegislateUnclassified
Information Technology Laboratory (NIST)US Government
Integrate, Transfer, and LaunchNASA
Integrity Testing LaboratoryLaboratory
Intelligence Task ListMilitary
International Technologies LasersCompanies & Firms
Interval Temporal LogicComputing
Intralock Tools LtdCompanies & Firms

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