What does IVI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand IVI:



Interchangeable Virtual InstrumentsElectronics
Internet Ventures IncCompanies & Firms
Intel Video InteractiveTelecom
In Vehicle InfotainmentTransportation
Interchangeable Virtual InstrumentUnclassified
iTunes Video ImporterUnclassified
Incompetent Ventures IncCompanies & Firms
Independent Voters of IllinoisUnclassified
Institute of Virology and ImmunologyInstitutes
important value IndexUnclassified
International Vaccine InstituteInstitutes
Icarus Verilog InteractiveUnclassified
Imagine Vehicles InternationalInternational
In Vehicle InformationTransportation
Innovation and Value InitiativeUnclassified
Innovation Value InstituteInstitutes
Innovative Vehicle InstituteInstitutes
Institute for Vision ImprovementInstitutes
Instituto Valenciano de InfertilidadUnclassified
Intellectual Virtues InstituteInstitutes
Interactive Video InitiativeUnclassified
Interchangable Virtual InstrumentUnclassified
Invesco Inc GthLondon Stock Exchange

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