What does JCIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand JCIP:



Joint/Combined Interface ProcedureMilitary
Job Creation Incentive ProgramUnclassified
Justice Center in ParwanLaw & Legal
Japan Canada Internet ProjectInternet
Java Concurrency In PracticeSoftware
Jefferson County Industrial ParkCompanies & Firms
Jennifer Connelly Interactive ProductionsCompanies & Firms
Job Career Improvement ProgramOccupation & Positions
Johannesburg Cochlear Implant ProgrammeNon-Profit Organizations
Journal of Chinese Information ProcessingJournals
Judicial Commission for Investigation of PropertyGovernmental
Junior Chamber International PhilippinesNon-Profit Organizations
Juvenile Cognitive Intervention ProgramLaw & Legal
Juvenile Court Improvement ProjectLaw & Legal

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