What does JP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand JP:



Jean PierreNames and Nicknames
John PaulFamous & Celebs
Joint ProjectMilitary
Jet PropulsionMilitary
Jean PaulNames and Nicknames
Jurassic ParkNews & Media
Jamaica PlainRegional
Jimmy PageFamous & Celebs
Jean PhilippeUnclassified
Joint PublicationMilitary
Just PlainNews & Media
Justice And PeaceLaw & Legal
Jefferson Pilot CorporationNYSE Symbols
Justice of the PeaceCommunity
Judas PriestUnclassified
Junior PartnerGeneral Business
Jonathan PetersFamous & Celebs
Jason PolakowFamous & Celebs
Just PlayinChat
John PatrickNames and Nicknames
Just PlayUnclassified
Just PlayingUnclassified
James PatrickUnclassified
John PeterNames and Nicknames
John PhilipNames and Nicknames
James PaulUnclassified
Just PassUnclassified
Just PerfectUnclassified
Joseph PatrickNames and Nicknames
Job PUnclassified
Japan PostedUnclassified
John PierpontNames and Nicknames
The Japanese PolicePolice
Job PointsUnclassified
Just PowerUnclassified
Julie PUnclassified
James PowellUnclassified
Jump PowerSports
Jim PayneFamous & Celebs
Join PointUnclassified
Jim PattisonUnclassified
Japan PolicePolice
Japanese PlazaUnclassified
Joint PostMilitary
Juventud PeronistaPolitics
Jackson PrattUnclassified
Jefferson PlazaMilitary
Java PathGeneral Computing
Just PartyChat
Judge PointsUnclassified
Jump If ParityAssembly
Just ProspectsUniversities
John PlunkettUnclassified
Junk PileUnclassified
Jab PunchBoxing
Joint PointUnclassified
Jobs and PeopleCommunity
Joshua PaulNames and Nicknames
Josh PriceFamous & Celebs
Junior PaperUnclassified
Jack ParisUnclassified
Jean PassepartoutFamous & Celebs
Josephs PrairieUnclassified
Jr PoohUnclassified
Jalapeno PoppersUnclassified
Juxtamembranous ProteolysisUnclassified
Jarny PrinceUnclassified
Java PigFunnies
Jacque PierreNames and Nicknames
Jeff And PaulUnclassified
January ParkParks & Recreation
Jungle PersonOccupation & Positions
Jens PaterNames and Nicknames
Juniper ParsleyFood & Nutrition
Junior PriestessOccupation & Positions
Jim PetterecUnclassified
Juniors PuppyUnclassified
John PeirpontNames and Nicknames
Japanese PixieUnclassified
Jeremy PantsUnclassified
Judge PlaneUnclassified
Jadri PakkaUnclassified
Jari PatahUnclassified
John PegstonUnclassified
Joint PurchaseGeneral Business
Jagar PintuUnclassified
Jon PaulNames and Nicknames
Jenna's PoleFunnies
Jual PesonaUnclassified
Janta PartyUnclassified
John PattersonUnclassified
Jaali PyaraUnclassified
Jurys PerfectionLaw & Legal
Justin PaigeNames and Nicknames
J PouyatUnclassified
Jack PurcellUnclassified
Jaime And PartnersUnclassified
James PlaidUnclassified
Japan ProductsProducts
Jazz and PrecisionMusic
Jeannette PerezUnclassified
Jeremy and PattiUnclassified
Jesus ProvidesUnclassified
Jet PropellantAircraft & Aviation
Jizz PantsUnclassified
Jointer PlanerUnclassified
Jonathan PeterUnclassified
Joseph PeterUnclassified
Juan PabloUnclassified
Julian PeeUnclassified
Jumbo PeniUnclassified
Jumhooree PartyUnclassified
Jaco PastoriusUnclassified
Jan PissoffmeFunnies
Jan PisssockyFunnies
Jan PisssuckeeFunnies
Japanese PharmacopoeiaFDA
Jazz ProducerMusic
Job PlanContractors
Job Points (video)Gaming
John PierpointNames and Nicknames
Johnny PaskoFamous & Celebs
Joints PopMiscellaneous
Jonathan PollardUnclassified
Jovial ProtestantReligion
Judge PumpUnclassified
Julian PeriodAcademic & Science
Junction PhenomenaMathematics
Junction PlateEngineering
Jungle PrinceForestry
Justice PartyPolitics

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