What does JSS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand JSS:



Journal of Statistical SoftwareJournals
Joint Service SoftwareMilitary
Jaws Script SourceSoftware
Spetsai, GreeceAirport Codes
JugWin Jigsaw fileFile Extensions
Just Stand StillChat
Jagadguru Sri ShivarathreeshwaraUnclassified
Jewish Social ServicesUnclassified
Junior Secondary SchoolSchools
Just So SadUnclassified
Nihon Kagaku KyōkaiSocieties
Joint Surveillance SystemMilitary
Jan Swasthya SahyogUnclassified
Jogging Sweet SpotJogging
Journal of Semitic StudiesJournals
Jensen Shannon SimilarityUnclassified
Journal of Separation ScienceJournals
Job Satisfaction SurveyUnclassified
Just Say SoccerSoccer
JAMF Software ServerSoftware
Java Syntax SolutionJava
Javascript Simple SyndicationJava
Javascript Style SheetsJava
Journal of Systems and SoftwareJournals
Junior Solar SprintUnclassified
J Sound ServicesUnclassified
Job Success ScoreUnclassified
Joint Security StationUnclassified
Joint Services SupportUnclassified
Journal of Social SciencesJournals
Japan Science SocietySocieties
Japan Statistical SocietySocieties
Japanese Society of SonographersSocieties
Java Script SourceJava
Job Summary SheetAircraft & Aviation
Jupiter 2Nd GrdLondon Stock Exchange
Just Survive SomehowChat
Nihon Chōonpa Kensa GakkaiSocieties
Nihon Tōkei GakkaiSocieties

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