What does KC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand KC:



Kansas CityState & Local
Kansas City ChiefsNFL Teams
Kennel ClubVeterinary
Kerry CollinsFamous & Celebs
Kenneth ColeFamous & Celebs
Key CodeCyber & Security
Kevin CostnerFamous & Celebs
Kidney CellLaboratory
Keep CoolChat
Keuka CollegeColleges
Kids CountCommunity
King CrimsonMusic
Keine ChanceGerman
Kind ChildUnclassified
Knowledge ConstructionGeneral Computing
Knights of ColumbusGuilds
Kingdom ComeReligion
Kitty CatNames and Nicknames
Knitting CircleCommunity
Kingston CommunicationsUnclassified
King's CountyState & Local
Kit CatFood & Nutrition
Kansas City Field OfficeFBI Files
Kitchen CultureChemistry
Ken Climo, golferFamous & Celebs
Khmer ConnectionUnclassified
King of ClubsCompanies & Firms
Kevin CharlesUnclassified
Key ConversionCyber & Security
Kevin ChristopherNames and Nicknames
Key CheckUnclassified
Kevin Cole, PianistFamous & Celebs
Known CharacterUnclassified
Kiddie CorralUnclassified
Kernel CacheGeneral Computing
Knuckles ChaotixSports
Katherine CraneFamous & Celebs
Kalayaan CentreCommunity
Killer CatNames and Nicknames
Kirk CurrieUnclassified
Katherine ClaireNames and Nicknames
Katherine CalhounFamous & Celebs
King CaramelFamous & Celebs
Keys CanineCompanies & Firms
Khmer CommunistsUS Government
Kamala ConsueloNames and Nicknames
Keystone CountryboyFunnies
Kite ChaserSports
Katherine CeciliaNames and Nicknames
Kansas CajunFood & Nutrition
Khoze ChapovskyUnclassified
Katherine CodyUnclassified
Kitty CowUnclassified
Kate's CatNames and Nicknames
Kelly CassandraUnclassified
Kelly's CatNames and Nicknames
Kook CaseUnclassified
Kaiser CorpCompanies & Firms
Knight of CharismaFunnies
Killer CuteUnclassified
Krazy CanineNames and Nicknames
Katherine CorinneNames and Nicknames
Kathryn CherylUnclassified
Kind CritterNames and Nicknames
Kiddie ConeUnclassified
KiloCycles (superseded by Kilohertz)Military
Karin ChristmasNames and Nicknames
Kenny ChesneyMusic
Keyword CompetitivenessUnclassified
Knowledge CenterUnclassified
Karisas CatUnclassified
Kimberly's CatNames and Nicknames
Kalvin CleinUnclassified
Katie CatherineNames and Nicknames
Kevin ColbertUnclassified
Kind CaringUnclassified
Kindness CaringUnclassified
Kitti CatNames and Nicknames
Krazy KatFamous & Celebs
Karoo CommunicationsUnclassified
KC canUnclassified
Kim ChristianReligion
Kindness CompassionUnclassified
Krazy ConoUnclassified
Kubec The ClownsUnclassified
Karl CarmanUnclassified
Kinda ConfusingUnclassified
King CharlesUnclassified
King CritterUnclassified
Kristen CaroleUnclassified
Kansas City RoyalsBaseball
Kathryn CamilleUnclassified
Kati CupcakeUnclassified
Kelsey CreekUnclassified
Kenneth CharlesNames and Nicknames
Keyword CompetitionUnclassified
Kids CounselorsUnclassified
King CakeUnclassified
Kings CountyCounties
Kitchen CripsUnclassified
Kocham CięPolish
Kristen CarsonUnclassified
Kala CaandIndia States
Katong ConventSchools
Kern CountyCounties
Key CharacteristicManufacturing
Keystone CenterNon-Profit Organizations
KiloCycle (now called KiloHertz)NASA
King's CollegeColleges
Kingston CollegeColleges
Kismat ConnectionNews & Media
Knight CommanderGuilds
Krishna ConsciousnessReligion
Kristin CourtneyNames and Nicknames
Kylee CalvertFamous & Celebs

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