What does KEEP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand KEEP:



Kidney Early Evaluation ProgramUnclassified
Kathmandu Environmental Education ProjectEnvironmental
Kiyosato Educational Experimental ProjectEducational
Kentucky Electronics Education ProgramEducational
Kids Educational Endowment ProgramCommunity
Kids Encouraging Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental
Keep Environmental Enhancement PermanentEnvironmental
Keeping Emulation Environments PortableUnclassified
Katonah Education Exchange ProgramEducational
Knowledge and Expertise in European ProgrammesEuropean
Kentucky Equine Education ProjectEducational
Kern Environmental Education ProgramEnvironmental
Keyham Eco Education PlaceEducational
Kentucky Enlisted Exceptional PerformanceUnclassified
Key Essential Elements of PermanencyUnclassified
Kids Expect Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental
Knowledge Education Exchange PlatformEducational
Kotlin Evolution and Enhancement ProcessUnclassified
K-12 Energy Education ProgramEducational

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