What does KT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand KT:



KnotUnit Measures
Kitchen TableFunnies
Kingston TechnologyCompanies & Firms
Katy Industries, Inc.NYSE Symbols
The K ThUnclassified
Knights TemplarUnclassified
Killing TimeUnclassified
Kill TargetMilitary
Klippel-Trenaunay syndromePhysiology
Kansas TerritoryStates
Kinkless TetrodeElectronics
Kim ThomasNames and Nicknames
Kidney TroublePhysiology
Killing TechnologyMilitary
King TigerMilitary
Kid ToucherLaw & Legal
Kat TalkChat
Kitty TreatUnclassified
Kohler TwinProducts
Kleenex TissueProducts
Kriminal TroubleLaw & Legal
Knowledge TunnelingGeneral Computing
Kissy ToesChat
Kentucky and Tennessee Railway CompanyRailroads
Knight TransmitterCompanies & Firms
Kansas and TexasStates
Known TomUnclassified
Kos TerlitzUnclassified
Kangaroo TanneryUnclassified
Kreisal TellerUnclassified
kilotonne [1000 tonnes, ie. 1,000,000 kg]Academic & Science
Knowledge TransferGeneral Business
Koopa TroopUnclassified
Knowledge TranslationUnclassified
Knowlege TransferEducational
Kidney TransplantationTransplantation
Korea TelecomTelecom
Knight of the ThistleGenealogy
Kombucha TeaFood & Nutrition
Kristin and TravisUnclassified
Kathleen TroiaUnclassified
Kinesiology therapeuticTherapeutics
Kixeye TeamUnclassified
knots theUnclassified
Kah tehUnclassified
knots ThatUnclassified
Knowledge TransitionUnclassified
kilotons TNTUnclassified
Knowledge TeamUnclassified
Knowledgeable TradesUnclassified
Korean TreatUnclassified
Kevin TrudeauUnclassified
Killer TeamUnclassified
Knowledge and TalentUnclassified
Knowledge TreeUnclassified
Kapardi TrivediPsychology
Kentucky and Tennessee RailwayRailroads
Kol TuvChat

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