What does LA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LA:



Los AngelesState & Local
LatinLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Latin AmericaRegional
Live ActionUnclassified
Limited AccessUnclassified
Landscape ArchitectsOccupation & Positions
Los AltosUnclassified
Language ArtsAcademic Degrees
Love AgainEducational
Large AreaRegional
Lactic AcidChemistry
Life AssuranceMilitary
Long ActingPhysiology
Linoleic AcidChemistry
Little AngelOccupation & Positions
Luis AlbertoUnclassified
Linear AcceleratorUnclassified
Local AnesthesiaHospitals
Liga ArabeSpanish
Licensing AuthorityAuthorities
Load AddressAssembly
Lack Of ActionMilitary
Local AssociationProfessional Organizations
Lost AgainUnclassified
Large AmplitudeUnclassified
Lights AllUnclassified
Lunatic AsylumLaw & Legal
Life ApplicationsUnclassified
Legislative AssistantOccupation & Positions
Lethbridge AlbertaUnclassified
Location AreaGeneral Computing
Lupus AnticoagulantPhysiology
Lansing AreaUnclassified
Linear AmplifierUnclassified
Lower AlabamaStates
Language AssistantOccupation & Positions
Load AllocationUnclassified
Love And AdmirationUnclassified
List AccessGeneral Computing
Lennart AugustssonUnclassified
Lake AthabascaCanadian
Local AcademyUniversities
Los Angeles Field OfficeFBI Files
License AdministratorUnclassified
Lost AlwaysUnclassified
Little AmpUnclassified
Log ActivityUnclassified
Los AlegresUnclassified
Lawrence ArthurFamous & Celebs
Linear ArithmeticUnclassified
Looking AttractiveChat
Leslie AlanNames and Nicknames
Kansas City Southern Railway CompanyRailroads
Lower AddiscombeUnclassified
Lossless AudioUnclassified
Legal AssociateLaw & Legal
Lan And AudioUnclassified
Lousy AttitudeUnclassified
Level AggregatorUnclassified
Letha AUnclassified
Losers AnonymousChat
Links AliveUnclassified
Latched AddressUnclassified
Leslie AngelUnclassified
LegiĆ³n AzulSpanish
Lost AnimalAnimals
Linux ArmyMilitary
Left ArgumentUnclassified
Least AsymmetricUnclassified
Lard AUnclassified
Landeck AustriaCompanies & Firms
Linear AlgorithmicUnclassified
Legally AscertainedLaw & Legal
Land Of ApathyUnclassified
Less AtrazineUnclassified
Latino AsiansLaw & Legal
Latchable AddressGeneral Computing
Latency AdjustingUnclassified
Lex AdamNames and Nicknames
Living AlgorithmUnclassified
Lyrical AllianceAlliances
Lactate AqueousUnclassified
Literal AchievementEducational
Netscape packetized audio (LiveAudio)File Extensions
Lower AthloneUnclassified
Limp AirplaneFunnies
Lower AltamahawUnclassified
Lacking AirspeedUnclassified
Lola AlabamaUnclassified
Lotsa AnimosityUnclassified
Lung AssaultLaw & Legal
The Launchie AllianceAlliances
Lupa And AchillesUnclassified
Lost AbbeyFood & Nutrition
Lab AssistantLaboratory
Leukocyte AdhesionBritish Medicine
Lumpus AnticoagulantLaboratory
Levator AniBritish Medicine
Living AreaUnclassified
Library AssociationLibraries
Lower AUnclassified
Luke and ActsUnclassified
Law ALaw & Legal
Little ArrowsUnclassified
Lola anotherUnclassified
Landscape AdvocacyUnclassified
Latin AmericanUnclassified
Latin AspectsLatin
Lawrence AvenueUnclassified
Left ArmMedical
Light A asUnclassified
Load the AddressUnclassified
Look ArounfMiscellaneous
Louisiana alsoUnclassified
Love AlwaysUnclassified
Loves AnglosUnclassified
Lovin ArizonaUnclassified
Lynn AndersenUnclassified
Lactic AcidosisBritish Medicine
Lambaste ArnoldUnclassified
LambertBritish Medicine
Laser AblationBritish Medicine
Laser AngioplastyBritish Medicine
Late AntigenBritish Medicine
Latex AgglutinationBritish Medicine
Laughing AloudTwitter
Launch AbortNASA
Launch AftNASA
Launch AreaNASA
Launch AzimuthNASA
Laurentide AdvisoryInvestments
Lead AgentMilitary
Left AtrialBritish Medicine
Left AtriumMedical
Legal AdviserMilitary
Legislative AssemblyGhana
Lexington, AlabamaStates
Liability ActLaw & Legal
Libapache AdeodatoUnclassified
Liberal ArtsUniversities
Lightning ArresterNASA
Line AmplifierMilitary
Local AnaesthesiaBritish Medicine
Local AuthoritiesPolice
Local AuthorityState & Local
Logical AddressAssembly
Long Acting (time released)Drugs
Long ArmerQuilting
Loop Key Generator (LKG) AdapterMilitary
Los AtheistsState & Local
Louisiana and Arkansas Railway (Kansas City Southern Railway)Railroads
Loving AlfieUnclassified
Low AffinityBritish Medicine
Low AttitudeNASA
Lower ArkansasUnclassified
LucasartsNews & Media

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