What does LABA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LABA:



Long Acting Beta AgonistUnclassified
Lubbock Area Baptist AssociationAssociations
Libera Accademia Belle ArtiUnclassified
Laboratory Assistant andLaboratory
Laboratory Assistant and Biobanking ApplicationLaboratory
Long Acting B2 ADRUnclassified
Long acting beta adrenoceptorUnclassified
Long Acting Beta AgonistsUnclassified
Long Acting Beta2 AgonistsUnclassified
Long Active Beta AgonistUnclassified
Laboratory Animal Breeders AssociationVeterinary
Latin American Business AssociationGeneral Business
Leicestershire Asian Business AssociationGeneral Business
Litchfield Area Business AssociationGeneral Business
Long-Acting Beta(beta2-adrenergic receptor) AgonistsMedical
Long-Acting Beta-AdrenoceptorUnclassified
Long-Acting Beta-AgonistsMedical
long-acting β-agonist (bronchodilators)Prescription
Los Angeles Ballet AcademyPerforming Arts
Los Angeles Breakbeat AssociationMusic

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