What does LB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LB:



Little BitNews & Media
LineBackerNFL Teams
Long BeachState & Local
Lower BoundMathematics
Left BehindMilitary
Lehman BrothersCompanies & Firms
Load BalancingNetworking
Laser BeamPhysics
Little BoyMilitary
Lower BoundsMathematics
Low BatteryHardware
Laguna BeachStates
Little BrotherCommunity
Legislative BillUS Government
Luria BrothFood & Nutrition
Live BaitSports
Line BroadeningPhysics
Large BreedVeterinary
Little BoysCommunity
Little BabyHospitals
Left BankCommunity
Low BudgetGeneral Business
Los BañosState & Local
Long Branch, New JerseyStates
Large BowelPhysiology
Lunch BoxFood & Nutrition
Larry BrownFilm Censorship
Lightning BoltMeteorology
Luria BertaniUnclassified
Little BearFamous & Celebs
Letter BoxCommunity
Loader BackhoeProducts
Long BallSports
Larry BirdFamous & Celebs
Low BiasElectronics
Lady BirdFamous & Celebs
Little BecauseChat
Linux BoxGeneral Computing
Lactobacillus BulgaricusLaboratory
Large BellMusic
Low BarrierTransportation
Living BibleReligion
Ljung BoxProducts
Life BoatMilitary
Leighton BuzzardFunnies
Load ByteAssembly
Large BreastsPhysiology
Log BaseMathematics
Long BarrelMilitary
Logging and BookkeepingAccounting
Long BaseAstronomy
Little BrainEducational
Little BlackUnclassified
Large BUnclassified
Listing BrokerStock Exchange
Low BounceSports
Little BoardProducts
La Barge, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Leg ByeSports
Lost BallSports
Lake BlackshearState & Local
Lost BetGeneral Business
Little BerryFood & Nutrition
Lookin BetterChat
Low BallGeneral Business
Lucky BastardChat
Legislative BuildingState & Local
Lighted BuoyTransportation
Linda BlairFamous & Celebs
Lucky BoyOccupation & Positions
Lame BrainTexting
Lover BoyChat
Little BillUnclassified
Telcordia Technologies, Inc.Suppliers
Late BindingNews & Media
List BlockAssembly
Lock BitCyber & Security
Live BiomassLaboratory
Loose BearingsTransportation
Little BruteEducational
Lard BucketFood & Nutrition
Leaky BoxElectronics
Links and BookmarksInternet
Les BianCommunity
Laser BoxPhysics
Left BassMusic
Luke BradfordFamous & Celebs
Little BlakeUnclassified
Loss BlockElectronics
Lawrence BurnsFamous & Celebs
Living BankNon-Profit Organizations
Lemon BlueColors
Larry BenedictFamous & Celebs
Lil BiscuitFood & Nutrition
Little BarstewardFunnies
Lousy BallSports
Lekkerkerker And BolandCompanies & Firms
Little BtchChat
Lambda BeefFood & Nutrition
Los Baños Wildlife AreaUS Government
Light BandwidthElectronics
Land BiplaneTransportation
Lam And BacchusCompanies & Firms
Luar BandarUnclassified
Light BlueColors
Lekkerkerker BolandSuppliers
Liimii BugBotany
Loudmouth BumChat
Le BoullangerUnclassified
Land BreceeUnclassified
Land BankCommunity
Leg BreakCricket
Little BayUnclassified
Laland BrownUnclassified
Left BumperUnclassified
Laughing BoyUnclassified
Late BakerUnclassified
Launch BusNASA
Levende BokUnclassified
Libra the BasicUnclassified
Londo BellUnclassified
Lady BugAnimals
Late Bronze ageArchaeology
Launch BoostNASA
Laurentian Bank of CanadaToronto Stock Exchange
Light BringerMiscellaneous
Like BackChat
Like BirdsMusic
Load BankNASA
Lockett BridalCompanies & Firms
Loom BandsMiscellaneous
Louise Brooks, actressFamous & Celebs
Low BridgeState & Local
Lower BraceNASA

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