What does LBP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LBP:



Lebanese PoundCurrencies
Low Back PainPhysiology
Lower Back PainUnclassified
Lipopolysaccharide Binding ProteinUnclassified
Low Blood PressurePhysiology
Long Banga, MalaysiaAirport Codes
Lord Be PraisedReligion
Little Big PlanetUnclassified
Licensed Building PractitionersUnclassified
Local Binary PatternUnclassified
Land Bank Of The PhilippinesBanking
Lead-Based PaintHousing & Amenities
Lukas Bmw PerformanceUnclassified
Laboratory of Bacterial PolysaccharidesFDA
Local Binary PatternsUnclassified
Long Beach PolicePolice
Left Binding PowerUnclassified
Lead Based PaintUnclassified
London Biodiversity PartnershipUnclassified
La Banque PostaleUnclassified
Laser Beam PrinterUnclassified
Lead By PeopleUnclassified
Led by PeopleUnclassified
Left behind ParentUnclassified
Licensed Behavioral PractitionerUnclassified
Lipopolysaccharide BindingUnclassified
Little Brown PersonUnclassified
Logistic Business PartnersBusiness
Luxury Brand PartnersUnclassified
Lycium barbarum polysaccharidesUnclassified
Length Between PerpendicularsTransportation
Local business promoterAdvertising
Love Brings PainChat

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