What does LDS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LDS:



Latter-Day SaintsReligion
Long Distance ServiceTelecom
Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)Religion
Linear Data SetGeneral Computing
Large Data SetsGeneral Computing
Logical Data StructureGeneral Computing
Local Digital SwitchTelecom
Load Pointer Using DSAssembly
Lens Data SystemUnclassified
Long Distance SpinnerSports
Lightweight Decontamination SystemMilitary
Leadership Development SeriesDevelopment
Ladder Day SaintsUnclassified
Laser Detecting SetMilitary
Local Data StructureGeneral Computing
Lexington Discrimination SystemMilitary
Liars Decievers SeducersUnclassified
Laser Detect Systems, LTD.Companies & Firms
Lucs Dei SemperLatin
Lunar Diversionary SurnamesInternet
Lucifer's Dedicated ServantsFunnies
Lay Down The SilverUnclassified
Less Desirous SuitorUnclassified
Logical Device SupportUnclassified
Love Dem SpooksMilitary
Laundry Detergent ShipFunnies
Logical Design SolutionsUnclassified
Little D*** SyndromeChat
Lacrimal Drainage SystemBritish Medicine
Limiting Distance SizeUnclassified
Lecture Development SeminarDevelopment
Landscape Dedicated ServerUnclassified
Latter day SaintUnclassified
Lightweight Directory ServicesUnclassified
LipoTonic Delivery SystemUnclassified
Literature Distribution SpecialistsLanguage & Literature
Lucifers Dedicated ServantsUnclassified
Listener discovery serviceUnclassified
Love Devotion ServiceUnclassified
Land Development ServicesDevelopment
Laser Direct StructuringUnclassified
Later Day SaintsUnclassified
League Division SeriesUnclassified
Liquid Dance StepsUnclassified
Local Dive ShopUnclassified
Lock Down ScrewsUnclassified
Loeys Dietz SyndromeSyndromes
Low Deflection SystemUnclassified
Low Density SeparationUnclassified
Low Dynamic StiffnessUnclassified
Lyotropic Delivery SystemsUnclassified
Landing, Deservicing, and SafingNASA
Landing/Deceleration SubsystemNASA
Laser Docking SensorNASA
Late Developmental StageBritish Medicine
Latter Day SaintsReligion
Legal Document SpecialistLaw & Legal
Licence in Dental SurgeryAcademic Degrees
Lightning Detection SystemMeteorology
Limited Data SetResearch
LiveCycle Data ServiceSoftware
Local Development SchemeBritish Medicine
Locked Door SeclusionBritish Medicine

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